7 Ways to Look Classy and Dry in the Rainy Season!

You’re about to rock a new pair of sandals but one look outside and whoa! It’s raining again. Rainy season is that unpredictable period that is usually filled with uncertainties. It can sneak up on us anytime and ruin our perfect outfit.

Rainy season is fun for some activities such as warming up by the fire, playing in the rain, watching movies, watching the downpour of raindrops, etc. but it affects fashion.

How can you appear classy and fashionable during the rainy season? Below are some tips to follow.

  1. Pick dark colours

No matter how hard you strive to prevent drops of muddy water on your clothing, a few drops will find a way to stain your clothes and shoes.

How do you prevent this? By choosing dark colours because they tend to conceal stains and spots than light colours. They are less transparent when they are wet.

  1. Buy an umbrella/ rain jacket

An umbrella is your trusted friend during the rainy season. You can make it a cute accessory by going for your favourite colours and patterns.

You can also opt for a rain jacket!

  1. Buy rubber shoes

Rubber shoes are most appropriate for the rainy season. This is because they can be cleaned easily and they do not get affected by water. They can also be worn at any time to virtually everywhere. Yes! Even to work.

You can put on rubber sandals or shoes and change them before entering your workplace.

  1. Get a big handbag

During the rainy season, you’ll need a big handbag that can contain all of your daily essentials. It should contain enough space to fit your things; including your charger and laptop, and it should be able to protect your belongings from the rain.

  1. Go for skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses are the perfect clothing to be worn during the rainy season. Ensure you go for darker colours so as to hide spots.

  1. Use synthetic fabrics

Rainy season is the period to keep fabrics such as silk, cotton, and linen inside while you go for synthetic ones. You can switch from a cotton pair of leggings to nylon.

Choose comfortable and fast-drying clothes and won’t cause you discomfort when they are damp.

  1. Do not leave out on the extras

Looking classy and dry in the rain is not just about clothes. You should also consider your hair.

For rainy day emergencies, always have a headwear in your bag to avoid your hair from getting ruined!


What is your rainy-accessory? Let us know in the comments section.


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