7 Types of Nigerians on Social Media


The social media world is a global world. You find all kinds of people online and active on different platforms. But what kind of people can you find in the Nigerian Social Media Scene?

Here is my list of the 7 types of Nigerians on Social Media:

  1. The Silent Users

These are the people who are always online but you’d never know. They will view all the posts, read all the status updates and observe all the group messages without making a single comment. If you do not look closely, you would have no idea that these set of people are online. I call them ‘Silent killers’.

On top of all that, these people do not update posts or even if they do, it’s on very rare occasions.


  1. The Exhibitionists

We all know these set of people. They are always posting stuff about themselves. Whether it’s a new selfie, a new wristwatch or even an old one self, their boyfriends or girlfriends, their laptops, their father’s houses, the hotel room they are in, even down to their newly tarred street road, these guys let you know that they are online. They post everything.

You can’t compete with or try to match these guys, you will lose.

  1. The “Haters Must Die” Union

These guys are always posting stuff about their ‘haters’. They seem to always have haters everywhere they go and they update posts to ire these apparent haters. When these guys update stuff, you see things like “Haters go hear word’, “My Enemies must cry”, “I’m the King sitting on their heads”, “Them don fail”, etc.

  1. The Comedians

These guys are always posting funny stuff. Once you see their posts or updates, you are sure to find a reason to laugh and laugh. From videos to pictures to funny write ups, these guys are a delight to have on your social media platforms.

  1. The Business People

I’m sure everyone has this set of people on their list. These guys are business owners and they let you know. They use their social media platforms to publicize their businesses and many also use it for a few personal posts.


Sometimes it can get annoying when they flood your timeline or wall with their business stuff, but remember that it’s their source of livelihood and of course man must chop.

  1. The Activists

These set of people are always posting stuff about right or wrong. They have opinions in all controversial issues and even the non controversial ones. From religion to politics, feminism to racism, these guys post their opinions and are always ready to defend it.


  1. The Commenters

These guys are cousins to the “Silent Users” I mentioned earlier. You find them everywhere on every post making comments. They hardly update posts themselves but they are always commenting on other people’s posts.

  1. The Motivational Speakers

Everyone needs encouragement sometimes and these guys make sure that there is an ample supply of motivation on social media. They always post inspiring stuff and posts on how to think positive, or work hard or how to stay motivated, we go make am last last, etc. I absolutely love these guys.

  1. The Whistleblowers and Beggars.

The whistleblowers are just assistant ‘bad belle’ people. Their job is to find liars online and discredit them. While the beggars are those that won’t let you post in peace. Once you put a nice picture up, they start sending you messages like ‘Bros things hard oh’, ‘anything for your boy’, ‘Bros help me I never chop since’, etc.

10. The “I Don’t Care” Crew

Well, as the name of this crew implies, these guys do not care. They post whatever they want, whenever they want and however they want it. Nothing you say or do can stop them.

So which of these sets of people do you belong?


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