7 Traditional Dishes From Ghana You Should Try

Want to know some dishes available in Ghana? Read this.

7 Traditional Dishes From Ghana You Should Try

Wanting to visit Ghana anytime soon? There’s a lot to learn from this group of people by the way they put together their meals. As such, experiencing and experimenting with local foods is a wonderful way to learn about their culture and way of life.

Below are some dishes that will introduce your palette to the local Ghanian food.

  1. Jollof Rice: Although it is still an online debate as to which country has the best Jollof between Nigeria and Ghana, we cannot disregard this national favorite that can be found in most restaurants or sold by street vendors for low prices. Jollof is a pot dish of rice prepared with tomato sauce and served with meat, fish or chicken. 7 Traditional Dishes From Ghana You Should Try
  2. Waakye: This is another food that makes use of rice. The recipe is a combination of beans and rice and can be found almost everywhere on the streets of Accra. The main dish is served with sides like fried plantain, and spaghetti.
  3. Fufu and goat soup: This meal is from the Eastern and Ashanti regions, this meal is guaranteed to work its wonder as you’ll never see fufu and goat soup in the same light again. Fufu is a staple food across the whole of West Africa but in Ghana, it is made by pounding a mixture of boiled cassava and plantains to go along with spicy tomato soup. A bowl of Fufu © sharon mckellar / Flickr
  4. Kenkey: Kenkey is another corn-based staple that is very similar to banku. It is made by molding fermented corn dough into balls and wrapping them around drying corn leaves, which are then boiled. The meal is served with hot pepper sauce, fried crabs, fish and is a delicacy of the Accra people.     READ ALSO: Foodie Education: How to Prepare Oha Soup in Few Minutes
  5. Tilapia and Banku: Tilapia is a favorite of the Ghanian people and you can see it being grilled on the streets of Accra. It is spiced and then grilled before allowing it to compliment the banku, which is a mix of fermented corn and cassava dough, and very hot pepper, diced tomatoes, and onions. Banku and tilapia
  6. Red-Red: I know this sounds like something that is going to be spicey and allow you guzzle a bottle of water after every spoon but that is far from reality. Red-red is a traditional dish consisting of cowpea beans boiled to make a broth, served with palm oil and soft, fried plantains. It is one of the Ghanaian dishes that doesn’t use a lot of spice because the main taste comes from the ingredients it’s served with. It can also be served with garri to make it even more full.


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