7 tips for choosing a cake for an Event

When it comes to hosting an event, cakes are one of the sources of enjoyment to the guests. It is almost as important to an event as the reason for the event itself. And as a host, it is your duty to work with the bakery in choosing the right cake flavors for your event. Unlike what people say, choosing the best cake for your event is not mathematics, it is simple and easy. Here are five helpful tips to help your cake choosing process a walk in the park.

1. Know the Size
It is necessary you know how many people you will be feeding in your event, this will be first step in getting the right cake for your event.

2. Know your Budget
Cakes can be quite costly, so having a budget is very important. A budget will help you decide how much you can spend.

3. Choose a reputable Bakery
Choose a bakery you trust or have positive reviews. Although it may cost you a pretty penny, you have to remember your event is at stake. There is nothing as more terrible than ordering a cake from a cheap bakery, only to find out on the day of the event that the cake was done poorly or it arrived very late.

4. Do a lot a tasting
OK, you have hired a bakery to make the cake for your event, request for tasting and more tasting. It is the ideal way to taste different flavors. In recent times, caterers have tons of flavor that shy away from everyday chocolate or vanilla cake. The flavor you may like might end up being the one that wasn’t on your mind.

5. Give it a touch of flavor with filling
After you have tasted all the delicious cakes, you may still prefer the traditional vanilla flavor, but you can make your ordinary vanilla cake look and taste special by adding flavorful filling to it. This is the simplest way to develop tasty combinations that will make your guest enjoy every bite.

6. Wedding cakes should be adultify
This simply means you should put flavorful liqueurs into the cake batter. From Sambuca to Campari, there are tons of variety of liqueurs that would taste great in a moist cake.

7. Finally, get the decoration right
The decoration on your cake is very important because they are what your guests will see at the party. If the cake is for your kid, decorating it with her favorite cartoon character will make him happy. For a wedding cake, most bakers have a catalog of wedding cake designs you can choose from.



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