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7 Things To Ask For When You Check Into The Hotel

As a guest with a hotel, there are certain perks you are entitled to. Read this to know 8 of them.

When you travel and then check into the hotel(if you booked or are booking one) not that hotels have plenty of amenities that might make your stay more comfortable.

The truth is the average visitor doesn’t ask and they don’t tell. To make the most of your experience at the hotel, there are things you should ask for when you check in.

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  1. LATE CHECKOUT: If you’re stuck with a late return flight and you would like some extra time in your room, then asking for a late check out right when you first check in is one of the most important things to do upon arrival. Just remember to ask politely and don’t be shy to tip(if need be) for the favour. Hotel, Reception, Entrance Hall, Input Range
  2. LIST OF HIDDEN FEES: Hidden fees, taxes, and extra VAT can all add up to an annoying surprise when you pay your bill. Make sure you ask questions on what to expect in terms of added extras and whether things like Wi-Fi, breakfast and in-room entertainment are free.
  3. EXTRA AMENITIES: Not all hotels have their own spas, pools etc but many that don’t often compensate by partnering up with nearby establishments. Things like airport shuttle runs and private cars might be available to make your stay as smooth as possible, so just ask.
  4. COMPLIMENTARY TOILETRIES: Toiletries in hotels should always be free and you should always be given more when you ask. The hotel should be able to provide you with a complimentary toothbrush, toothpaste and plenty toiletries because every guest deserves.
  5. EXTRA LINENS: Generally, hotels clean their bed linens every day but there is a slim chance that the comforters and blankets on your bed might not be. Make sure to request a full set of clean linens if you notice the ones given you are not up to par. Hotel Room, Bedroom, Interior, Palmetto Bay
  6. QUIET ROOM: Most hotels are likely willing to listen to genuine concerns on behalf of their guests and a very genuine concern is getting a good night’s sleep. Always ask to be put in a room away from the elevator and large groups that might make noise, and you definitely do not want to be in a room with a connecting door.
  7. RECOMMENDATIONS: Whether your hotel is budget friendly, mid-range, or very expensive, hotels have affiliate establishments that they work with locally. As a result, some hotels will send you to the nearest, overpriced tourist shop that is on their websites. Remember to ask the doorman or waiter for an impartial recommendation.


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