7 Things Girls Do That Mess Up Their Relationships

Examine the relationships around you and you’ll realize that a majority of them are toxic and unhealthy. This does not stem from the people being bad or not compatible. It is about knowing the dos and don’ts of a successful relationship.

A successful relationship is very hard to find these days. So the question is, what are the commonest things girls do that mess up their relationships? Find out below:


  1. Not appreciating what he does for you

This is one of the most common mistake girls make that they mess up their relationships. Every man deserves to be appreciated for the efforts he is putting in the relationship. If a man invests his time and effort and the lady does not reciprocate by appreciating it, the man does crazy.

A lady needs to be very appreciative and thankful for her partner or else, the relationship might mess up.


  1. Trying to change him instead of accepting him

Most girls fail to appreciate a man for who he is. She embarks on a project and tries to change the part of him that she doesn’t like.

But men do not like this! Love entails accept every aspect of both parties, and you should realize that there are certain things you cannot change.


  1. Comparing him to others

No one likes to be compared to someone else. You wouldn’t want to be compared to your sister, best friend or even ex.

Men hate it when you compare them with other men, most especially if one of them is your past lover.


  1. Trying to tie him down

Being in a successful relationship means that you both are allowed to participate in any intimate action, flirt, and date.


This doesn’t warrant you tie your partner down. You will also detest someone controlling your actions and making you feel that you’re in bondage. It can get suffocating and annoying when you try to control your partner’s actions.


  1. Having high unrealistic expectations

You should try to be realistic instead of having fantasies you know will never come true.

Men feel frustration when they feel that they will never meet your expectations, no matter how hard they try.


  1. Looking into his phone instead of trusting him

Trust is the basic foundation of all relationships. You have to re-do your math if you do not trust your partner.

Do not scroll through his phone and interrogate him as if you’ve caught him cheating on you before. You shouldn’t be with him if you know that you cannot trust him.

You do not have to look into his phone before he can gain your trust; all partners need to acknowledge their faults and correct them for the success of the relationship.


  1. Being overly dramatic when it is not necessary

A man will feel frustrated and irritated when his lover is overly-dramatic. They feel drained and eager to end the relationship.

Being dramatic can be justifiable sometimes and other times, it is not. Do not make it happen so frequently or your lover will get fed up.


The success of a relationship requires effort from both sides but you ought to start with yourself!


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