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7 Things Every Lady Needs in Her Bag

Every lady has stuff she throws in her bag at random. We have 7 things that we are sure are essentials.

There are some things we randomly throw in our bags out of sheer habit which is good some times but we are of the opinion that you should be intentional about the things you put in. Here is a list of what we think is ideal to be in your bag at all times. So confirm if our checklist and your tally.

  1. ATM Card. I know you have cash on you but things have mysteriously happened to cash we took out. And then what happens if you hit an egg seller? Eh? In order to avoid stories that touch certain parts, it’ll be advisable to have your card on you. We are agreeing that there is money in the account because if not, what is the point?
  2. Phone Charger/Power bank. Yes, your charger should be in your bag considering we live in a country where the power supply is touch and go. You are probably going to take some pictures, make/receive phone calls, play a game, check /reply emails. What do you think the percentage will be by 5 pm and you are stuck in traffic?


3.Lip balm/Hand Cream and Sanitizer. Lip balm because you might eat and then try to rid your lips off oil and end up cleaning the whole lipstick. Hand cream because your hand needs moisture and to be kept in prime condition. Hand sanitizer because you don’t know where you’ll go and who you’ll shake. This country is, after all, a dirty one.

4.Sanitary Towels. We both know that our menstrual cycle often times has a mind of its own and as it pleases, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It’s always a good idea to have it tucked in your purse or bag maybe not for you but for another sister.

5.Comb or Brush. Unless of course, you are rocking a low cut, this is important because you are not sure what direction the wind will take and whether it will use your hair as a short cut.  And then people are definitely funny, one Aunty will think it is a good idea to feel your hair while asking where you did it. To be on a safe side, have your comb or brush on handy.

There’s so much more that you can fit in your bag like mint, chewing gum, hairpins, powder, mascara, and perfume but we are of the opinion that the above are the essentials.

Let us know if this helps.


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