6 Things All First Time Travelers Are Likely To Forget

Are you traveling for the first time? More so over a very long distance? Then You can definitely relate to how difficult it can get to have everything covered. Most times you assume you have got it all. You manage to fit everything into your suitcase, get into your taxi and then it hits you- you just forgot something important at home.

Our minds are always fixed on what we term the ‘essentials’, which include travel documents, tickets and money. There are other important things you do not want to forget too; they include:


  • Your Chargers:

This happens often. Especially when you pack in a frenzy. This is common because, most likely, we must have been charging our phones, laptops and cameras before setting out on a journey. The trick is in remembering to pack everything up. Ensure you do not just pick your gadgets, pick the chargers too.

  • Your Toothbrush:

This is a classic. The funny thing is, we pack our toiletries and leave the toothbrush. This is because we use it everyday, so it is always on the bathroom shelf. It is easy to forget things like that. Things like hairbrush, soap, shaving stick and other toiletries can get lost in the frenzy too.

  • Headphones:

It is a known fact that long trips are easier to sit through with the right kind of songs. This is where earphones come in handy. People even spend time to create a playlist for a long journey. Imagine not carrying your head phone along after making the perfect playlist?

  • Your camera:

Granted, nowadays, phones come with really great cameras, but some people still prefer having a camera set. Especially, those with an eye for photography. If you are in the habit of documenting your travels, then make sure you pack, not just your camera, but its equipment like the lens, memory card and so on.

  • Currency Exchange:

This is super common, especially for first time travelers. Always make sure you find out the currency of your destination before you start your journey and endeavor to exchange some money before you leave as that might event save you a few bucks.

  • To Dress According to The Climate of Their Destination:

The weather is definitely not the same everywhere. You could be traveling from somewhere with a really warm climate to a place with rain and cold and snow. Remember to find out the weather condition of your destination. Pack a rain jacket if need be. Check the forecast for their daytime and night time temperature so you can adequately pack all you need.


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