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7 Things a Man Really Needs in a Relationship

Guys aren’t exactly open about their need and wants. Read this post to know 7 things your man needs.

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More than half, actually close to 90% of men aren’t exactly open about their need and wants and as a woman, you have to sometimes dig a little deeper to figure out who they are, how you can be there for them and love them the way that they need to be loved.

In that spirit, here are 7 things that your man needs deep down but he will not speak about.

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  • HE NEEDS YOU TO TELL HIM THAT YOU’RE PROUD OF HIM: Many times, we get so caught up in the things our partner does wrong or what is not going right, instead of what IS going right. He needs approval for his efforts from someone close to him. Someone he cares about which is you. It is very important to remember here that your partner is not perfect and if you are very honest, neither are you so give him a treat by telling him he makes you proud.
  • HE NEEDS YOU TO THINK THE BEST OF HIM: Men have fragile egos, no matter how much they try to act or be portrayed as strong and one of the most important things to a man is the fact that his partner thinks highly of him in whatever regard. It is a thing of joy when they hear their partner talk or boast about them. Even when they mess up, he still needs you to think the best of him, to think that whatever mistake he might have made does not define who he is deep down.  The question is, can you.
  • HE NEEDS YOU TO USE YOUR WORDS: One of the hardest things to do for women in the middle of an argument is to pause, take a deep breath, possibly walk away or even give it up. Your emotions and feelings in the midst of an argument can very easily end up ruling your mind and actions if you don’t give them time to settle down. Bottling it all up and answering with one-liner when he asks if you are okay is also not the best way to go. You need to learn to use your words from a place of calm. He will not be able to guess what is wrong with you unless he is a mind reader.
  • HE NEEDS RESPECT: When I speak of respect, I do not mean the live on your kneels kind or the respect that oozes of sarcasm or an unhealthy submission to do anything and everything he wants. Respect in this instance is figuring out how your man wants or needs to be loved. In fact, respect in and of itself translates as love to and for a Man. This also goes hand in hand with telling and showing him you’re proud of him. In the same way that we desire respect from our Man, so do they from us.
  • HE NEEDS AN OUTLET OR HOBBY: It’s perfectly normal and healthy for couples to have alone time and your man may need moments now and then to be alone and just do something for himself by himself. Do not be too needy or think that he has stopped loving you just because he wants to go out and watch football with the guys instead of you.
  • HE NEEDS AFFIRMATION AND ADMIRATION ON HOW HE LOOKS: You might think your partner is so handsome that he does not need to always hear it because he knows full well he is attractive.


    He still needs to know his babe thinks he and Idris Elba are on the same page. Men are way more insecure than they will ever let you know. Compliment specific features that you love about him.

  • HE NEEDS YOU TO NEED HIM: Men need to be needed both physically and emotionally and they will not tell you. Men are not simple beings, they might say they are uncomplicated, logical, sensible or unemotional, but deep down lies many needs and emotions that are sometimes explained in illogical ways. The difference between Men and Women is that we tend to overemphasize our needs, while men don’t open up much at all. Remember, one of the sole purposes of a Man is to provide, and being needed just goes hand in hand with that.



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