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7 Table Manner You Should Be Observing


Observing the right and appropriate table manners is not just important in your normal day to day activities, its also useful when you’re invited to dinner or any other important function.

Here are 7 table manners you should be observing:

Table Postures

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Posture is an important element when eating, sit close enough to the table so each bite of the food is brought to the mouth without having to lean forward. Sit straight at the table without sitting stiffly.

Table Arrangements

An attractive table arrangement makes the food look and taste better and provides a positive experience for each guest on the table. The table arrangement gives the host the opportunity to express creativity, while the guests see the effort that has been made in their behalf.

Using Utensils

Knowing which utensil to use at any particular point will increase self-confidence and induce a much more relaxed scenario. Always remember to begin with the utensils on the outside of the place setting and work from the outside in. Cut up food as it is eaten, not all at once. When you’ve finished eating, place the used fork and knife on the plate, sharp side of knife facing in, fork next to knife.

Conversations on the Table

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This should be minimum. It’s important to remember that when talking at the table, there should never be any food in your mouth. Remember to not talk with your mouth full. Chew food with your mouth closed and without talking. Guests should not draw attention to themselves by making unnecessary noise either with their mouth or with their utensils.

When Reaching for Items

You may reach for food that is close to you, as long as you do not have to stretch for it and do not reach across another guest. If the food is across the table, ask politely for it to be passed by someone closer.

Eating Finger Food

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Some foods may be eaten with fingers. If you are not sure if it is acceptable, follow the example of those around you or use the neater and easier way to eat the food, a utensil. When finger foods are served, take the food from the serving dish and place it on the plate before eating it, this is more comfortable for everyone.

Removing Food from Mouth

If a piece of food must be removed from the mouth, do it with a toothpick. A pit or small bone should be removed with fingers. The most important thing to remember when removing food is to do it without drawing any attention you yourself as possible.


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