7 Surprising Reasons Couples Constantly Break Up and Get Back Together

Experts call it ‘Relationship Cycling.’ It is all about breaking up and making up again and again. Your friends and family ask you to stop but you can’t control it.

What causes you to get back together with your partner after breaking up? Below are 7 surprising reasons couples constantly break up and get back together.


  1. The inability to recover from the breakup

The relationship didn’t work and you had to break up with your partner. However, you can’t seem to get over not being with your partner. You can’t recover from the pain of losing your significant other because it is unbearable.

In this case, the desire to make up with your partner is fueled by your helplessness in tolerating the pain of the breakup.


  1. Believing in second chances

Your partner messed up or you did. And you had to break up. But later, you start to feel hope in your relationship and you believe that things can change.

You believe that a second chance should be given to your relationship to make it work again.


  1. No better option

You believe that you cannot find a better replacement and so, you’re ready to get back with your partner. You might even leave the relationship because you were looking for a better option and when you didn’t, you decided to make up with your partner.


  1. Low conflict resolution skills

You both lack the skill to resolve conflict so for any little argument and disagreement, you break up. Then you miss each other and make up again. You fight again and then break up. Then you miss each other again and make up.

You simply need to learn how to settle things and resolve disagreements amicably.


  1. You want to see what’s out there

This usually happens between couples that have been in a long-term relationship. Boredom occurs and you both decide to run away.

You think it is fun to see what is out there so you break up. Then you realize that boredom is prevalent in all relationships and decide to make up again.


  1. You’ve already invested so much

“How do I start all over with someone new?” “How do I get to know them while they get to know me?” “No way!”

You might not want to let go of someone you’ve invested so much time and effort in and because of this, you’ll try your best to fix the relationship.


  1. Love

It might not be all of the things listed above. It might just be love. Having genuine reasons to overlook all flaws and try again.

Love is the only thing that will make you go back despite everything. Yes, love wins always!


Do you have any other reason to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section.



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