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7 Strangest World Records Set By People

Most people love being in the spotlight. The drive to be famous has made a lot of people do the most outrageous things. Some even try out for world records by getting the attention of the premier records book, The Guinness Book, and doing the most bizarre things. So what are the strangest world records set by people? Here are our top 7.

  1. Longest Fingernails on Both Hands

Last year, the man with the longest fingernails on a single finger lost his title when he finally cut his famous nails. Maybe he decided to finally come clean. Well, Ayanna Williams is having none of that. This grandmother of two hasn’t cut her fingernails in 23 years. With total fingernail length at over 18ft, she holds the world record of the longest fingernails on both hands.

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  1. Limbo

Limbo is the game that involves passing below a bar set at a particular height. Well, it happens to be a fierce category when it comes to setting world records. There is actually a 50 year old limbo world record holder who passed below a bar set at just 5 inches above the ground.

  1. Cup Stacking

Yes, there is a record that recognizes how many cups you can stack in a perfect formation and in a record time. It is a sport in fact. The sport is called “Karango Cup Stack”.

  1. Longest Time Buried Alive

Believe it or not, there is a world record for how long a person can stay buried alive without dying. The current record is set at 10 days by a man named Zdenek Zahradka from Czech Republic. He was buried underground in a coffin with nothing but a breathing pipe, no food or water. He beat the previous record by 6 days. Imagine that.

  1. Fastest Hundred Meters On All Fours

A man from Japan is the fastest man on all fours. Kenichi Ito actually believes that one day, man will start walking on all fours again. So he wants to be ahead and is already practicing. He claimed the world record for the fastest 100 meters race completed on hands and legs.

  1. Highest Amount of Concrete Blocks Broken While Holding Raw Eggs

Martial arts students always show their prowess by breaking concrete blocks. This guy decided to take it further. Joe Alexander broke 24 blocks assembled in stacks of eight with his elbow. More incredibly, he did it while holding on to a raw egg, and the egg didn’t break. Let’s see you beat that Jackie Chan.

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  1. Largest Commercially Available Hamburger

No matter how much you claim to be able to wolf down, I’m sure you cannot finish this hamburger. Even with 7 of your most ravenous friends, you still won’t finish the hamburger. It weighs about 134 lbs and costs about $350. You can find it on the menu lust at Mallie’s Sports bar in Detroit, USA.

I should have put the biggest eyes in the world too, but the photo is just disturbing. *sigh*

So those are my top 7 strangest world records. Have you heard of any other bizarre world record?


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