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7 Stereotypes Nigerians Find Annoying

Every country has its own stereotypes, these are 7 that Nigerians hate

Stereotype according to the world wide web is defined as a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

Stereotypes are very funny, but they are of course very ridiculous and every country in the world is battling with stereotypes because they rob people of their individuality. There are several stereotypes of Nigerians that are not true; here are some.

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  1. Homophobic

    The Nigerian government passed the same-sex marriage prohibition bill, criminalizing marriage between same-sex couples a few years and this has caused a lot of outrage within the community.  As with a lot of countries and people around the world, not all Nigerians are homophobic.

  2. Violent

    This stereotype is probably due to the Boko Haram insurgency that is affecting some parts of Northern Nigeria. This in no way represents how Nigeria is or how a majority of Nigerians are but it is a stigma that most Nigerians carry especially outside of the country.

  3. Uneducated

    The uneducated stereotype is pretty annoying because it is obvious that not all Nigerians are uneducated and concluding that all are just because of a few is uncalled for. The truth is when Nigerians decide to get an education they sometimes go overboard with them having a, Masters and oftentimes a PhD to their collection during the course of a lifetime.

  4. Speaks African

    Where the myth came from that all Africans speaking African is beyond me. There is no such language as African. It does not exist at all. Of course, in South Africa, there is a language called Afrikaans, but that is not even spoken across the board. There is Bantu, Yoruba, Kuku, Swahili and a whole lots more. In Nigeria alone, there are more than a thousand languages and dialects spoken by her various peoples so how on earth should one African know all the languages and one that does not even exist.

  5. Loud

    Another false stereotype is the fact that all Nigerians are loud. As there are people who are a bit excess in their communication living in the country, there are also people who are quiet and soft-spoken also.

  6. Knows Every Other African

    The whole of Africa is not a country, it is a CONTINENT. A continent with over 50 countries within its borders and those countries often have various cities, towns, and villages within them. So concluding that everyone on the continent with over 50 countries knows each other is just stretching it.

  7. Scammers

    There are scammers in Nigeria does not mean all Nigerians are scammers. This stereotype is false and harmful. Every country has its own set of criminals, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t citizens of those countries who are law abiding. Nigeria, like any other country on earth, has doctors, lawyers, writers, programmers, pilots, farmers, and of course criminals.


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