7 Smart Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Fridge

7 Smart Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Cooler Fridge

We know how bad it feels when you come to know that the appliances you bought by spending a lot of money has encountered a problem or its performance is not up to the mark.

Especially the refrigerators and the cooler fridges are most important home appliances which should be in good working condition all the time. Otherwise it would be difficult to keep your food fresh and eatable for a long time.

Also, if your cooler fridge or freezer is not in good working condition you can’t enjoy your cold drinks and also you won’t be able to have cold water.

There are different ways and tips which you can adopt to enhance the lifespan of your cooler fridge. Here are a few of them:

Keep it at the right place: Most of the people keep their cooler fridge in the kitchen because it is the most convenient place to get an easy access to the cooler fridge by every single person at home. No doubt it is a good place, but not good every time. You need to check that if the kitchen doesn’t have good ventilation, or it generates too much heat because of the stove near the fridge, then you should look for another place.

Avoid direct sunlight: Make it sure that your cooler fridge is not placed at a location where it exposed to the direct sunlight. In this case, the lifespan of the fridge will decrease.

Keep it clean: Most people don’t clean the freezer or cooler fridge too often. When you don’t clean your fridge from inside regularly, the bacteria will deposit inside and it will also get some bad spots.
Moreover, you will feel bad smell when you open the cooler fridge. So it is important to keep it clean and clean it with warm soapy water at least once in two months.

Cover everything: If you put some food in the freezer or even if in the cooler fridge, make it sure that you have to cover everything. Because some foods the moisture which forces the compressor to work harder which reduces the lifespan of your cooler fridge.

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Clean cooling coils: Cooling coils plays an important role in the performance of a cooler fridge. One reason that your freezer is not working properly is that the cooling coils are covered with so much dust and debris. So, it becomes difficult for them to release the heat.

This will affect the performance of cooler fridge. So, if you want to increase the lifespan of your cooler fridge, then you must clean the cooling coils once a year at least.

Fill it properly: This is another factor which plays an important role in the performance. If we talk about the wine coolers, they are not made to keep other kind of food so don’t fill that with the things for which it is not made.

In the same way, for normal cooler fridge, always keep the food when it is cool down to room temperature. Don’t overfill the freezer as it will also affect the performance.

Perform annual inspection: This is the most important factor to consider. Especially, when your cooler fridge is under the warranty period, ask the company’s experts for annual inspection. After that, don’t ignore the inspection, because if you spend some money annually on the maintenance and inspection, it will save a lot of money by increasing the life span of your cooler fridge.



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