7 Reasons Men Cheat

It is certain that men are more likely to cheat on their significant other than women are. The question goes, ‘Why do they do this?’ ‘Why do men cheat when they’re with someone they love?’

We’ve put together some reasons why men decide to cheat.


  1. He wants out

One of the reasons men cheat is because of the need for change. Having that desire for change makes men strive to get out relationships they find difficult.

So when she thinks that their relationship is all smooth and interesting, he has a contrary opinion and he wants out.

  1. An ex walked back into the picture

When an ex shows up and the man remembers memories he shares with his former lover, he starts to compare his former relationship with the current one. He starts to ignore the good parts of his current relationship while also ignoring the bad parts of his former relationship and the reasons that led to the breakup.


  1. He’s depressed

We all experience depressed feelings at some certain point in time. Whether these thoughts come from the relationship is the main issue.

When a man starts to feel anger towards his partner and lonely in the relationship, it pushes him to cheat.

  1. His needs are not met

The needs we’re talking about isn’t about sexual needs. Maybe he and his partner have been quarreling for some time now and there’s no spark in their relationship. Maybe his partner does not dress according to his required fashion taste. Maybe he feels neglected and unloved. All these things that cause emotional disconnection can lead men to cheat.


  1. He is a total ass!

When a man isn’t contented with what he has, he wants more than what he can have and he desires to satisfy himself instead of considering his partner who loves and trusts him. He tends to cheat in the relationship, making him a total ass!


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