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7 Practical Ways to Make You Look Sharp in Your Clothes

Want to know you can show up dressed perfectly? Then you should read this.

7 Practical Ways to Make You Look SharP

7 Practical Ways to Make You Look Sharp in Your Clothes

Have you ever been to a place and immediately felt awkward because you became “the overdressed guy”. Yes, you did not do it on purpose, you just wanted to make a good first impression.

There’s a difference between dressing up and looking sharp and today’s goal is to help you look sharp and avoid overdressing. Here are the basic principles.

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  1. Know The Dress Code: Where you are going to is as important as knowing the dress code. The environment matters a lot. This does not mean you must dress exactly like everyone, but be aware of the dress code. Always refer to what is acceptable so you don’t stick out wherever you go.
  2. Upgrade The Quality: Clothes with better quality sharpen your look further with emphasis on the small details but remember that not all occasions call for top-quality clothing. Sometimes it’s about how modest you are.
  3. Understand Your Fit: Knowing that fit is the number one rule to wearing anything well cannot be overemphasized. Clothes that are too big make you look shorter, sloppy and bigger. Whether you are on a budget or not, slimming your shirt down, or tucking a pair of jeans changes everything.
  4.  Find Your Colors: Everybody has the colours that look best on them. The best way to find that out is by referencing your skin tone. Colours that flatter you the most create a strong contrast with your skin. Studies show black, white and grey are neutral colours – meaning most clothes don’t look strikingly odd in them.
  5. Use Accessories: Accessories are not only for women and you need to know that people might notice an accessory( wristwatch, bag or pair of sunglasses) before they look at anything else. So accessories to bring the best out of your clothes.
  6. Pair your outfit with confidence: No matter how much we go on and on about dressing up nicely, it will all be for nothing if your personality does not carry just as much weight. Clothes don’t tell the whole story, they alone don’t fully impress, you must be personable as well.
  7. Wear Versatile Outfits: There are cases when you’re not 100% sure how to dress as you might be heading to different places on the same day. The solution is to wear an outfit that can “transform” into something less formal while still looking good and your options are a jacket or fancy tie. These are items you can easily take off or put back on and they make a huge difference.


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