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7 Popular Slang You Hear in Movies and Their Meanings

7 Popular Slang You Hear in Movies and Their Meanings

When you watch movies, you hear some phrases and terms you have an idea of but not fully. These are slang which are used in real life and while some can become ageless, others may only last until the next best thing.

Here are 7 popular slang you hear in movies and their meanings:

Alpha Male

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This refers to the men who females are strongly attracted to because of strong physical or mental characters. In a group of men, there is usually one or more men who females prefer strongly over the rest, mostly due to sexual choices and can be for non-monetary reasons and purposes. These individuals are referred to as alpha males or top-dogs.

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Bad-Boys / Bad-Guys

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This refers to men who are somewhat arrogant, careless about situations and not afraid to take on new promiscuous adventures to satisfy themselves. In movies, they are seen as lovable rogues and rebels who aren’t afraid to challenge the system. Ladies prefer the bad boys to the good boys because they are far less boring and predictable.

Chick Flicks

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There are sometimes you go out with a lady to see a movie, if she is the one going to choose the movie, it’s possible it’s going to be a chick flick. A chick flick movie is a movie that puts too much emphasis on the emotional energy of it characters. Notable chick flicks are Titanic, Notebook and Twilight.

Kiss and Tell

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This is a dating rule that was established by women, but ironically, it is mostly broken by women. It holds you to not tell anyone of the liberties that you were allowed to take during a date.

Female Logic

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Often seen as either sarcastic or an oxymoron in nature. It can also be assumed has a double standard way of thinking. This means they will act differently if the same situation happens to different persons. For example, when you say something she doesn’t like, she will apply the pejorative phrase to your character. When she does the same exact same thing, she will apply the flattery term to herself.

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Game Face

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When you hear game face in a movie, it is used to describe the face you make when you are in a competition either to motivate your team for the win or to intimidate your opponents into making bad moves and decisions that will help you win.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

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This term is usually used in movies with crime and actions at its core. The term describes a negotiating tactic that usually involves two police officers adopting the roles of “Good Guy” and “Bad Guy” commonly used during interrogations. The fear of the bad cop causes you to want to please the good cop.


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