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7 of the Naija snacks that are easy to come by any time any day. Check them out


On today’s episode of everything Nigerian, this post is going to give you the best snacks to have come out of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They are a favorite of most people and are definitely yummy. Whether in traffic, taking a stroll, at your office desk or just lounging at home, these snacks are of high repute and very popular to every one far and near.

  • PUFF PUFF: Nigeria is not complete without this snack which is a delight to everyone who orders small chops. It is also served at any sort of party, from weddings to birthdays, graduations and wake keeps. Lagos especially offers it hot to morning commuters before they begin the hustle and bustle of the day.
  • GROUNDNUTS: Nigerians have added this to their list of snacks whether it is boiled or roasted, with peels or without. It is a go-to snack for when you need something easily accessible and cheap. The roasted one is been used as a supporter of different snacks on this list or used with the famous garri. The boiled one is eaten as it is
  • SUYA: Mention suya anytime from 7 pm and watch the face of a Nigerian light up. This beef skewers coated with peanuts/ginger/onion originated from Northern Nigeria and it is almost always served wrapped in old newspapers. It is a delight and can be eaten as it is, with garri, mixed in with noodles or a side dish with a beer of your choice.
  • PLANTAIN CHIPS: This is plantain cut up in slices and fried and is then sprinkled with salt and sometimes pepper depending on which type you get. It is now sold in traffic or shops which makes this snack easily accessible to those who love it.
  • MEAT PIE: This delicacy is shared with the Caribbean and it is made with chicken or beef depending. It contains ground beef, onions, carrots, pepper and potatoes and is a delight to any Nigerian especially if prepared well.
  • BOLI: Boli is yet another spin on the lovely dodo. It is plantain roasted on an open fire till it’s singed on the outside. You can serve and eat as it is or you can eat with groundnuts. There is no right or wrong way.
  • ROASTED CORN: Nigerians cannot keep calm when corn is in season. This delicacy is more or less prepared like boli: roasted on an open fire until it is edible enough. It is eaten with either coconut or ube fruit.


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