7 Most Expensive Goals In Europe So Far

Football is an exciting game. It is also one of the richest sports played in the world. The game of football has seen a great rise in the amount of money involved. With the ridiculously high amounts being used to purchase the services of top professional football players nowadays, it is safe to say that football is now a big money / expensive game.

However, how many of these expensive signings are pulling their worth in the game? Since the beginning of the season last August, we have seen some high profile players across the European big leagues start receiving bumper weekly wages for their services, but have they been delivering the output needed? The output in this case would be goals. According to a recently released list, the top 10 most paid football players in the world – salary wise – are strikers, wingers or midfielders that directly contribute to scoring goals. Let’s see which of these players have scored the most expensive goals in Europe so far.

  • Kevin De Bruyne

This Manchester City playmaker is currently the highest paid player in the English Premier League. He costs his club around £2.1 million monthly before tax. But he has managed to turn in only 4 goals in all competitions this season, making each goal worth about £3.6 million. His goals are the most expensive in Europe so far.

  • Alexis Sanchez

Another English Premiership star makes this list of expensive goal scorers. Closely following in the heels of De Bruyne, the Manchester United forward gets paid a whopping sum £2 million monthly to find the back of the net. However, he has found the back of the net only 4 times this season too in all competitions. At this stage of the season, his goals are worth £3.5 million each.

  • Mesut Ozil

Arsenal playmaker is next on this list. He isn’t the highest paid player in the League but he still earns a very handsome £1.4 million monthly. Although he has done better than the first two players on this list by scoring 5 goals in all competitions this season; each of his goals so far are worth £1.96 million.

  • Philippe Coutinho

Brazilian midfielder, Philippe Coutinho is the first non-England based player on this list. He plies his trade in Spain for Barcelona and gets paid £2 million monthly. Coutinho, however, has only managed to score 9 goals this season, making each goal worth £1.55 million so far.

  • Lionel Messi

Arguable the world’s best player, Messi makes this list only because of his ridiculously high wage. He is paid £7.4 million per month by Barcelona and has scored a whopping 39 goals in all competitions so far. However, his high wage makes his goals cost about £1.33 million each! At least for now.

  • Antoine Griezmann

Atletico Madrid striker, Griezmann is the first top 9 striker on my list. The French national has a total of 18 goals in all competitions so far this season. And with his monthly take home at £2.1 million, his goals rank at £1.3 million per strike at this stage of the season.

  •   Cristiano Ronaldo

After his big money move to Juventus in the summer, Cristiano Ronaldo got a salary worth about £4.1 million per month. The high ranking Portuguese talisman is not having a bad first season either. He has plundered 24 goals in all competitions for the ‘Old Lady’. But at 7 months into the season, each of his goals is worth about £1.2 million.

Other highest paid players include Gareth Bale and his expensive goals worth around £1.1 million, Neymar Jr with each goal so far worth about £945,000, Barca striker, Luiz Suarez at £830,000 per goal and the most efficient being PSG winger, Kylian Mbappe with each of his 31 goals so far worth £340,000.


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