7 Mistakes You Make When You’re in Love

Falling in love makes us do a lot of crazy things. We often make grievous mistakes when we’ve found a new love.

These are 5 mistakes to look out for when you’re in love:

  1. You believe the lies

You are beautiful and smart but you start to feel bad about yourself because of what he is saying. You are very certain that there are loopholes in your relationship and that your partner is doing things that are not right. But you believe the lies because you’re crazily in love!


  1. Showing insecurities

Falling in love can make you feel insecure about the relationship. You might start to lash out your insecurities to your partner for things that they don’t deserve.

You will start to be worried about whether he cheating or proving untrustworthy. Jealousy will eat deep and this will affect how you treat your partner.

Give your partner an element of trust and sit down to examine if he has proven untrustworthy before. Tackle these insecurities as it leads to an unhealthy relationship.


  1. Posting excessively on social media

You’ve just found the man that has captured your heart and you can’t help but share his picture for the world to see. You can’t stop gushing about his good looks and glowing skin. All you want to do is snap a selfie together and share to all your social media handles.

Know that social media is a no-no for new relationships and it puts pressure on the relationship!


  1. You become jealous

You become totally obsessive and possessive. You cannot stand to see him talking to another lady or chatting with his female friends. You hate to see the pictures of women on his phone and you suddenly turn into a criminal investigator (scrutinizing his messages and checking his call logs). This can get very annoying and irritating.


  1. Doing too much too soon

You want to show him how much you love and care for him, then you start to do way too much to please him. This can give him the impression that you’re a pushover. Treat him nicely and show him you care, but do not do too much to try and over-please him.

  1. Coming on too strong

When you become too available, your partner might have the impression that you’re too eager and desperate for a relationship. Do not show too much dependence on him.

Your partner will quickly lose interest when you’re too available. Coming on too strong is definitely a big turn off!


  1. Over-sharing

It is necessary that you’re honest in a relationship, but you shouldn’t lay out your biggest secret on the first date. Do not say too much and don’t force yourself to appear free or you’ll reveal too much in your conversations.

Falling in love can really make someone do absurd things! What other mistakes do you make when you fall in love?


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