7 Meals You Can Prepare In Less Than 10 minutes

When finding time to cook is a struggle, eating snack like Egg-roll and Puff-Puff becomes our life saver. And while buying tons of Buns an tasty meat-pie fills our stomach, it is quite unhealthy and rather expensive. Fortunately, with a little preparation and some easy recipes, you can prepare some delicious and healthy meal in no time. (well…under 10 minutes, at least

1. Fruit Salad
Ingredients: Bananas, strawberries, Green/red apples , Green/ red grapes
Preparation time : 10 minutes
Recipe; Nicely cut pieces of banana, apples and a handful of strawberries and grapes, into a bowl, mix them and your are good to too go. Pawpaw may be a delicious ingredient but cutting them up is quite time consuming, so well will let them for now.

2. French Toast
Ingredients; 2 bread slices, 1 egg and melted honey to taste
Preparation time; 7 minutes
Recipe; Shallow fry the egg, put in the fried egg between the two slices of bread add a bit of honey and enjoy with a cup of coffee or glass of orange juice.

3. Noodles

Ingredients : 1or 2 packs of noodle, eggs or corned beef for garnishing
Preparation time :10 minutes


  • Pour noodles into a pot of boiling water and noodles pre-packaged spices when soft( you can also add a dash of hot peeper to make it more spicy)
  •  Eggs or corned beef can be stired in when its almost ready. Allow to cook for a few minutes and serve.

4. Bread and Scrambled eggs
Ingredients; 1 tablespoon of milk, 2 eggs, frying oil and salt
Preparation time: 9 minutes


  • Carefully beat egg yolk, white and milk in a clean plastic bowl and season with salt
  • Pour mixture into frying pan and stir careful with spatula as it thickens
  •  Allow to cook for a few minutes and you good to go with a loaf of fresh bread.

5. Dodo and Fried Egg
Ingredients: 1-2 Ripe plantain, vegetable oil, onion, 2 balls of pepper, I pulp of tomatoes, 2 eggs, salt and seasoning cubes
Preparation time : 10 minutes


  • Carefully peel the plantain
  • Cut the plantain to desired shape ( I prefer the ring shape)
  • Add a sprinkle of sat (optional)
  •  Heat your vegetable oil and fry your plantain to golden brown. Ensure you flip it when frying
  •  Now you plantain is ready set it aside
  •  Slice tomato, pepper and onion
  •  Put a cooking spoon of vegetable oil into the fry pan.
  • Allow oil to heat, then pour the sliced pepper, tomato and onion
  •  Add seasoning cube
  • Add salt to taste
  • While frying break your egg into a bowl and beat it
  •  Pour the mixture into the frying contents
  •  Allow to fry for some minutes serve it with the fried plantain and enjoy.

6. Pap ( Akamu)
Ingredients: Wet Corn starch, Water, Evaporated milk and sugar
Preparation time: 10 minutes


  •  Take some lumps of wet corn starch in a bowl and rinse properly.
  •  Crush the lumps of wet corn starch into tiny pieces with a spoon.
  •  Mix it with cold water in small quantities until you eventually have a medium consistency.
  •  Pour in hoot water slowly in a circular manner while string it with a spoon.
  •  Stop string and limit the flow of water till the pap is properly set
  • Add sugar and evaporated milk to taste
  •  Serve in a bowl with bread, beans or Akara balls (beancakes).

7. Sandwich
Ingredients; 2 bread slices, 1 boiled egg, I tin cored beef and butter
Preparation : 10 minutes


  • Lie flat two lice bread and butter it neatly
  •  Slice egg into a bowl, and add chunks of corned beef
  • Mash both together until it gets smooth
  •  Spread content on the bread and enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate drink.

Now you can stop taking junk for breakfast!


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