7 Key Things to Do If You’re Dating a Soldier

One of the most difficult relationships can be by dating a soldier who is on official duty. This is not only because it is a long distance relationship and there is a lack of communication, but it is also because a year is capable of changing a person.

This change comes with a lot of challenges. So these are 7 key things to do when you’re dating a soldier.


  1. Be patient

This type of relationship is very difficult to manage because of the long distance factor. Patience is the key to making it work.

You’ll miss him so much when you don’t see for days, weeks and even months. You have to be patient because it won’t be long that he would return, and you can see more of each other every day.


  1. Be understanding because he won’t be his regular self

Try to be very understanding and put him in your shoes. Is he acting a little bit out of his regular self? This is because this is one of the hardest periods of his life.

Try to be more understanding and he’ll appreciate and love you later on.


  1. Don’t add pressure because he is already pressured

Being a soldier is pressure and it can break someone down. Try not to pressure him so that he will worry less about you.

Do not fill him with questions such as, ‘Why haven’t you been yourself?’ ‘When will you see my parents?’ etc.


  1. Try to always make him enjoy your time together

Make him feel very special when he is around you. Make the time he spends with you be the happiest time of his week.

You know he is going through a lot so manage to make him feel happy during the time you spend together.


  1. Be his comfort zone

Give him the opportunity to complain about anything, even if they don’t make sense to you. Be his comfort zone and secret keeper. Let him express himself without feeling judged. He’ll have a lot to say and he’ll need to talk to someone. So be that person that will listen to his endless talks without judging him.


  1. Try to give him the balance he needs

Men often lose balance when they go on official duty. Sometimes, they feel like their whole world is crashing.

But you, as his partner, should give him the balance that he needs.


  1. Be loving, caring and forgiving

Your partner needs lots of love, care, and attention, and also a lot of forgiving. He is going through a hard time now so you should be by his side.

Forgive him this time because once it is all over, he’ll never forget that you were there for him in a time of need.


This period will be hard but it is your effort that will make the relationship successful. Remember that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations!



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