7 Interesting Facts About Dr Oby Ezekwesili

Former Nigerian Presidential Aspirant, Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili is no doubt the most prominent Nigerian woman when it comes to politics in the country. Popularly referred to as “Aunt Oby”, this outstanding personality has held so many important professional and political positions both nationally and internationally. Just last week, Ezekwesili was recognized at the Forbes Woman Africa Leading Women Summit when she was given the Forbes Woman Africa Social Influencer Award. You will recall that Aunt Oby had last year gained so much social media followership when she started the #RedCard Movement and declared her intention to run for Nigeria’s presidential seat. She, however, dropped out of the race in January this year before the election took place.

Nevertheless, this two-time former minister is somewhat of a living legend in the country where women do not seem to have much involvement in politics. She is one of the few Nigerian women that can currently stand up and say that they have contributed positively to help the country become better. So just in case you do not know much about her, here are 7 interesting facts about Aunt Oby:

  1. She is just 55 years old.

Dr Obiiageli Ezekwesili was born on Apri 28, 1963. She holds a masters degree in International law (University of Lagos) and another one in Public Administration (Kennedy School of Government).

  1. She Is A Two-Time Former Minister

Dr Ezekwesili had previously held two different ministerial positions in the government. The first one came in June 2005 as the Federal Minister of Solid Minerals (Mines and Steel), and the second one in June 2006 as the Federal Minister of Education.

  1. She Is A Former Vice-President Of World Bank

In 2007, Oby was appointed as the Vice-President of World Bank Africa Division. She was in charge of overseeing the bank’s operations in over 45 countries on the continent.

  1. She is a pioneer

Dr Obiageli was the pioneer head of the Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit. This was where she earned the name “Madam Due Process”. She was also one the co-founders of an anti corruption agency, Transparency International. ‘Madam Due Process’ is also an active member on the Board of Directors of several multinational companies, including Telcom giants, Airtel.

  1. She was one of the champions of the BBOG Campaign

This energy-filled woman was one of the leading figures of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) Campaign. The BBOG movement which started after over 300 girls were kidnapped in Chibok, Northern Nigeria, was widely publicized and gained global attention due to the actions of this woman.

  1. She loves Family

In almost all personal interviews with Dr Oby, She can be quoted gushing about her family members. From having the support of her father to the disciplinary lessons from her mother up to the love and admiration of her husband, it is clear to see that Aunt Oby is really a lover of her family.

  1. She is Proudly African

One thing about Dr Oby Ezekwesili is that she always dresses in African fabric. All the outfits, including suits are made from purely African Print. Amazing right?



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