7 Important Driving Tips For Travelers

The first time you drive in a foreign country can be quite a challenging experience. You’d have to contend with the different rules and regulation, road networks and car types in the new country. However, if you prepare for it right, you will definitely find it easier to walk-through – or in this case drive-through. So just in case you are planning on taking a trip in which you’d have to drive, here are 7 driving tips to make it easier for you’

  • Know the Car

The first thing you should do when you enter a car to drive in a foreign country is to familiarize yourself with the vehicle. This is important especially if you are a Nigerian and going to a European country. Most European countries have ‘right-hand’ drive cars which are different from our traditional ‘left-hand’ drive cars in Nigeria. Make sure you sit in the car for a while and take it all in. know where the controls are and how to use them properly before taking to the road.

  • Know the Laws and Regulations

Even before you get the car you want to drive, make sure you know the rules and regulations guiding driving in that country. Know the speed limits, traffic rules, correct side to drive on, restricted areas, etc. a little research on this would do you a world of good. You don’t want to be pulled over by the police on your first drive abroad, surely!

  • Choose an Automatic car

Automatic shift cars make driving easier which is what you should go for on your first drive. By eliminating the stress of changing gears and clutching, you can focus on the road better and therefore drive better.

  • Don’t get carried away by Other drivers

Yeah, keep in mind that aggressive drivers are everywhere in the world. Make sure you do not focus on distracting acts by other drivers. Rather, focus on the road and continue driving in peace. No matter how they may provoke you, don’t lose the attention of the road.

  • Don’t drive when Tired

If you had the idea of driving immediately you get off your long flight, then you should wipe it off. Driving with new rules is daunting enough and requires concentration. And believe me, a tired man is one who won’t be able to concentrate.

  • Go for Shorter Drives

In your first time driving, you should try to go for shorter nearby drives first before considering any long distance drive. Having shorter drives first will help you build road confidence and familiarize yourself with rudiments of driving abroad.

  • Get a GPS

Driving for the first time in a foreign country isn’t so easy, but getting lost on your first drive is far worse. So prevent yourself from getting lost by asking your car rental company to provide GPS for you. This will help you navigate the roads as well as know the top tourist attractions to visit in the area.



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