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7 Fun and Creative Things to do When Feeling Lonely

7 Fun and Creative Things to do When Feeling Lonely

Loneliness is not to be confused with isolation. Loneliness is an emotional state that is triggered by sadness or a memory of it. When this increasing continued, you begin to get the sense of being lonely. You don’t have to be alone to be lonely, you can have a bunch of friends and still be lonely.

Here are 7 fun and creative things to do when you feel lonely:

Attend Seminars

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There are a lot of seminars that simultaneously occur at a period of time, so pick a seminar that caters to your interest, job, city and hobby. Its almost impossible to not find one that will suit your interest. Seminars are a great place to meet people and network because people are friendly towards each other, thus, creating the right atmosphere to eliminate the feeling of being lonely.

See a Movie

7 Fun and Creative Things to do When Feeling Lonely

When in doubt, you can always rely on your trusted buddy, the television. Whether alone or you call a group of friends, watching a movie can greatly reduce or remove the thoughts of loneliness. Watch a movie with an interesting plot like a Sci-Fi, Action flick – anything that will really distract you from having the feeling of loneliness.

Own a Pet

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Personally, I would choose a dog pet (cats, hamsters, rabbits are also cool though). Dogs are very jovial and cheerful creatures that always seem to have a great day when they are with their owners. The jumping, fun, and other times, troubles they cause will so engross your mind. You will be left with little or no chance to consider yourself as being lonely.

Read a Book

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Reading a good novel will help loosen yourself especially when you immediately identify yourself with a strong character. This will boost your confidence as you read on, losing touch with any feeling of being lonely as you fill your thoughts with adventure.

Take a Random Trip

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Whether it’s a random bus ride, private vehicle or flight, just take one. Doing this exercise forces you into two different situations; to be change your environment and to also be in the company of strangers. This helps to build curiosity as you are thrown head first into your own adventure.

Get a Drink

7 Fun and Creative Things to do When Feeling Lonely

Going to your local bar or café far from your home or office helps reduce the loneliness factor. Order a cup of coffee, beer or Frosted Jay on Ice (plain water with ice cubes), take a sit and relax. If you spot someone you want to have a conversation with, compliment their shoes, tie or bag. Doing this will flush the feelings of loneliness.

Go Through Old Photos

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In other to achieve this, prepare this with a combination of watching your favorite television series and prepare some snacks. Bring out your photo albums, whether digital or hard copy, reminisce the memories created with friends, family and partner. You are sure to find yourself laughing at some crazy things you did back in the days and even some embarrassing ones you can’t help but laugh at.


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