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7 Foods We Eat Everyday That Can Kill Us

One of the major goals in life is to stay healthy. After all we can’t enjoy all the money and good things of life if you are down on the sick bed. As a result, many people try to live healthy by eating healthy food. However, some of the foods we consume everyday are capable of being detrimental to our health. I have compiled a list of 7 foods we consume everyday that can lead to death. Take a look:

  1. Rice

Rice is the number one staple food in Nigeria. We always have a reason to eat rice. Christmas rice, wedding rice, birthday rice, Sunday rice, Ileya rice and even burial rice. Everyone eats rice in Nigeria. However, rice has been found to contain trace amounts of the poisonous arsenic. So consuming it in large quantities can lead to a build-up of the arsenic to fatal levels. Don’t be alarmed though as you’d need to eat at least 7 million plates at once for this to happen.

  1. Tomato

Well, tomato stems and leaves sha. These parts of the tomato plant contain alkali poisons that can cause stomach problems and in severe conditions, death. Even the unripe tomatoes have the same effect. So try not to eat tomato leaves eh?

  1. Apples

Apples have poison in them. The poison however is in the apple seeds. Apple seeds contain cyanide amygdalin which is detrimental to us humans. But then, you’d have to consume over 100 seeds of the fruit to end up in the hospital – morgue.

  1. Raw meat and eggs

Another thing we love in this country is meat. There is also meat for all occasions in Nigeria. But be aware that meat in its raw or semi-cooked state contains a bacteria called salmonella. This salmonella can lead to gastroenteritis which is a life-threatening condition in humans. So try to avoid consuming raw or improperly cooked meat and eggs.

  1. Cassava

Cassava is our other most popular staple food. It is mostly consumed in its processed form – garri, akpu/fufu, eba, etc. the problem with cassava though is that it contains a poisonous chemical called hydrogen cyanide. If not properly processed, the hydrogen cyanide can make it into your meal and lead to paralysis and even death. Luckily, this chemical can be easily removed by boiling the cassava or giving it proper processing. But you should not forget to be careful when you buy your garri.

  1. Honey

Honey is a delicious natural sweetner. Consuming pure honey can be a blissful experience and a healthy one too. However, unpasteurized honey contains what is called grayanotoxin. This grayanotoxin is quite bad for us humans. When consumed, it can cause weakness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting for as long as 24 hours. All these symptoms can be gotten from just a teaspoon of grayanotoxin filled honey. Now imagine what 3 teaspoons will cause.

  1. Water

Yes, last but not the least on my list is the almighty water! As Fela rightly said, “water no get enemy”. Water is simply the universal solvent of life. However, as good and refreshing as water is, too much of it can kill. Taking too much water can lead to a condition known as hyper-hydration or better still, water poisoning. Water can actually poison you when it’s too much in your system. Hyper-hydration leads to an imbalance in the brain’s electrolytes which can lead to lethal consequences.

So there are the top 7 everyday foods we consume that can kill us. Nevertheless, most of the killing properties of these foods come as a result of over indulgence or poor processing. So make sure you do not eat too much and always process your food well too. Stay healthy!


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