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7 Fashion Advises Every Short Men Should Adhere To

Here are a few simple rules and tricks and you can change the way people perceive you.

7 Fashion Advises Every Short Men Should Adhere To

Height has nothing to do with the true measure of a man. Short Men are generally made to feel a little insecure and low by society but, as they say, good things come in small packages. A person’s carriage, his attitude and personality, these are the things that charm people around him.

You should be comfortable in your own skin and accept your true self which will make you enigmatic and charismatic. This is where style and fashion help you out. A few simple rules and tricks and you can change the way people perceive you.

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  • Opt for Vertical Stripes:

Stripes create a visual effect which means that the eye naturally travels in its direction thus vertical stripes makes the eyes travel up rather than across. They create an illusion of a few extra inches. So you should incorporate more vertical striped items in your wardrobe and also pick textured fabrics like corduroy.

  • Avoid baggy Clothes:

The truth of the matter is that baggy clothes never looks good on anybody. It makes you look like you stole them from someone else. For short men, baggy clothes just draw attention to your slight frame. Shorter men need to dress smart. Make sure all your clothes fit you well.

  •  Get your clothes custom made:

If you can afford it, get a nice tailor on your side. With just a few snips of his scissors make your clothes look entirely different. A nip here, a tuck there, a little hemming, slight shift in the position of the buttons and you will look and feel like a whole new person.

  • Avoid pants, denim and trousers with cuffs and pleats:

The goal here is to create long and lean lines which cuffing will not allow as it makes your legs look shorter.

  • Get your accessories right:

Short and narrow is the key to accessorizing for men of short height. Your tie should be in proportion to your body and your belt should not too long or wide. Go for a slimmer design. Your watch strap should also be narrow.

  • Avoid strong patterns and prints:

Go for subtle prints and patterns like checks and stripes. For the lengthening effect to work you need to stick to a colour palette, so coordinate your ensemble well and if you want to add an edge then just a single piece in a bold and vibrant colour will do the trick.

  •  Heels:

Do not wear platform soles or risers to add a few inches to your frame. They make you look really desperate. Just embrace your height and wear normal shoes. They will make you look confident and classy.


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