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7 Do’s if You Ever Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka will welcome you with open arms. The question is, Are you ready to be hugged?

Sri Lanka also is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is one of the most wonderful countries of Asia and it offers many amazing things despite it being relatively small in size.

Are in wanting to know what to see and do in Sri Lanka? Here are 7 suggestions for spending a couple of weeks in this Asian country.

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    Going on a safari is not exclusive to Africa alone and Sri Lanka is one of the few places in the world where you can see wild Asian Elephants. Yup. You can check them out at the Minneriya National Park located in North-Central Province of Sri Lanka. Alternatively, you can see wild elephants in the Yalla National Park and also see rescued elephants at the Pinnawala orphanage. Sri Lankan Elephant, Elephant, Wildlife


    Most of the tourist beaches are located in the south of Sri Lanka so a trip to East Sri Lanka is your best choice if you’re looking for some intact nature and a few hippies here and there. First stop should be Arugam Bay which is one of the best places for surfing in East Sri Lanka and overall a very chill place where you can just let time pass you by. Trincomalee should be your next stop as it is one of the least touristy beaches of the island and an excellent place for dolphin and whale watching.

  3. RIDE THE LOCAL TRAIN: The local trains in Sri Lanka are usually overcrowded and quite slow but that’s actually an advantage instead of a hindrance and the reason is you can act like a boss and hang from the door. Just be very careful so you do not fall or hit any objects okay. The local trains are perfect for people watching. Ella, Kandy, Sri Lanka, Asia, Travel
  4. HIKE A MOUNTAIN: Sri Lanka has many medium-sized mountains and small hills including many religious peaks where you can find Buddhist temples of which Adam’s Peak is the most famous. Hiking in the humid heat of Sri Lanka might seem like a big challenge but the view you shall get from there will be more than a reward.
  5. BE FRIENDS WITH THE LOCALS: Meeting the locals and learning about their unique way of life is a good way to enjoy Sri Lanka. Every person you will meet will tell you a different story and listening to them all is simply marvellous.
  6. EXPERIENCE BUDDHISM: Kandy is presumably the number one religious site of Sri Lanka and the reason for that is because that is where you can find Buddha’s tooth. Tradition has it that upon Buddha’s death, his tooth made its way to one of Sri Lanka’s ancient monarchs. Another recommendation for temples is the unique Dambulla Cave Temple which is a system of caves dating back almost 2000 years ago where you can find many murals and sculptures of Buddhism. Temple, Old Temple, Buddhist Temple
  7. LEARN HOW TO SURF: The South of Sri Lanka is where you can find most hostels and luxury accommodations since it is without a doubt the most famous spot for relaxation and party on the entire island. So learn a new hobby as you visit Sri Lanka.


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