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7 Common Mistakes Male Partners Make

Here are 7 common mistakes male partners make and the do not even know it.

7 Common Mistakes Male Partners Make

7 Common Mistakes Male Partners Make

The thing about Relationships is it has so many dynamics to it, it can be tricky especially when you and your partner pass beyond the initial dating period. That part which comes after the whole butterflies might have flown away is where people, mostly men, start tripping over and it begins to put their woman off.

These are a few mistakes male partners make when the relationship has a few months under its belt.

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  1. Letting the relationship drive itself: Men need to understand that a relationship needs constant efforts to be kept alive. It cannot and should not drive itself as this will cause both parties to start drifting apart. You need to continually make an effort to keep it healthy.
  2. Changing your priorities: It is funny how men change directions a few months into the relationship. How they give all their attention, time and love to their woman at the beginning of the relationship and as time passes and the relationship becomes older, priorities change.
  3. Being complacent: An ambitious partner who has a positive driving force is the most attractive quality for his woman. Being stagnant while life passes you by just won’t cut it as women want their man to have goals which lead to a better, pleasant future involving both of them.
  4. Being a pushover: Nobody takes a pushover serious talkless of being in a relationship with one.  Women dislike men who cannot take an initiative but instead look up to them for all their decisions. Women start resenting men who are way too agreeable and would say yes to anything and everything.
  5. Not listening to them: This is probably the most common complaint from women all across the world. Men have to understand that women are by nature verbally more expressive and vocal. That they want to be heard. Even though some women are more talkative as compared to others, you should try to listen sometimes.
  6. Stopped giving her gifts:  This is applicable to the men who would shower their babes with all kinds of expensive gifts, fancy dinners when wooing her or at the beginning of the relationship and then pull the breaks midway.  This is a mistake. Do not start what you cannot finish or at least take on for a considerable length of time. Do not set high expectations and be surprised when she says things like ‘you have changed’ or you don’t love me anymore’.
  7. Acting Macho all the time: It’s a good thing when both the partners act as each other’s support system and women do not like it when their man is way too emotionally unavailable to them. Emotions are natural, emotions are human and women get annoyed when their man is always behaving macho when they need some comforting. Although occasion sometimes demands that male partners have some solid ground and stand firm, it is definitely not all the time.


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