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7 Annoying Android Apps You Should Delete From Your Phone As Soon As Possible. Here Are They

7 Annoying Android Apps You Should Delete From Your Phone As Soon As Possible. Here Are They

Mobile applications are supposed to make life easy and more convenient for us. Yet, there are some apps that have the potential to cause us havoc in so many ways. These apps may appear to be harmless at first but when you look at the implications of having them on your phone, you discover that they are really no good.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have one or two of these apps on their phones. In case you have any of them on your phone, then you should delete them ASAP. Here are 7 of such apps and why you should be weary of them

Weather Apps 

Weather apps were quite popular back in the day until people discovered that some of them contained dangerous viruses. Most phones come with weather apps but they are very basic that’s why many people download different kinds of weather apps. However, the problem with these apps is that they contain a kind of virus called Trojans.

There was a period when people who had weather apps on their phone started noticing money going out of their bank accounts. When they looked into what was causing this, they discovered that these Trojans on the weather apps were recording their bank account details and sending it to the scammers that developed these apps.

These fraudulent developers would then steal a lot of money from the unsuspecting victims using the apps. Thankfully, most smart devices now come with legit weather apps so nobody really needs to download these kinds of apps anymore.

Social Media Apps

Although this has nothing to do with viruses, social media apps were popular before but later declined among users. This is due to the fact that these apps drain your device’s energy and kill the battery too. As a result, people now opt for the mobile versions of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. So if you use a social media app, it might just be the cause of your lagging phone and short battery life.


Optimisers such as Clean Master are supposed to free up space on your phone and make room for more storage, right? Well, phones now come with in-built optimisers, making apps such as these pretty useless. In fact, the irony is that optimiser apps take up space on your phone and drain the battery. So, instead of making your phone faster, they just slow it down. Don’t forget the annoying ads they come with.

Unknown Antivirus Programs 

Antivirus apps from unknown developers are a no-no. Most of the time, these apps that are supposed to be protecting your phone from viruses, ironically contain viruses. In addition to the risk of viruses, these antivirus apps often come with an overwhelming amount of ads. And like me, I’m sure you’re not a fan of unnecessary ads. So, if you want to download an antivirus app, make sure its from a known developer or you know a lot about it. Some good examples of legit antivirus apps include Norton, Avast, and McAfee.

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Browsers With Extra Features 

Again, these apps come with ads, ads, and more ads. Not only that, these types of browsers have special features such as gaming and video streaming. This looks appealing until you find that they slow your phone down. They also require access to several aspects of your phone such as your phone calls. As you know, this is a recipe for disaster considering the fact that most of these kinds of apps are not from trusted sources. They can gain access to personal information such as your searches, android ID, your geo-location and even your street name. Better to stay with legit browsers like Google Chrome and the likes than risk your safety with suspicious browsers such as these.

Lie Detector Apps

Hopefully, you know that like detector apps are just for fun. It is not like they are really detecting any lies or dishonesty. Maybe we will have such apps in the future but for now, don’t bank on any app that claims to detect when people are telling lies. Second, these apps kill your battery and usually request for access to your personal info. If you download a lie detector app that is requesting for personal data, then delete it ASAP.

Music Players 

As you already  know, these kinds of apps let you play the audio files you have saved on your device. The problem with them, however, is that they consume a lot of data even though the files on them are saved. This is as a result of the ridiculous amount of ads they come with. When you consider this and the fact that they drain your battery fast, you find that they are really not worth it.

So, tell us in the comment section below if you have any of these apps on your smartphone and if you’ll be getting rid of them.


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