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6 Words You Should Never Say To Your Ex

Wondering where you should draw the line when it comes to your EX? Read this

6 Words You Should Never Say To Your Ex

Moving on from an EX or a breakup is probably one of the toughest fights you will ever have with yourself. Because your village people will be bringing the memories back to you and on some days, you will be tempted to buzz or just say hello.

We are here to tell you six things you need to remember if your village people ever come knocking or whispering in your ears.

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  1. I MISS YOU: Eh God. Bikonu, you can think it but do not type it. If you’re done with him or her, and you somehow couldn’t stop yourself from buzzing them, please, never tell them you miss them. You know that those three little words will bring arrogance to them and make you seem desperate. Please make yourself strong, keep your emotions hidden from people who aren’t in your life anymore.
  2. I LOVE YOU: I do not know which one is worse between the first and this. It is allowed for you to still love them because, to be honest, you’ve been in a real relationship with them, but also try to remember that it ended even though you loved them. Don’t ever tell your ex you still love them, even if it is in a playful way or manner. Let him or her find love elsewhere.
  3. LET US HANG OUT: This one is error especially if the breakup is still hot and fresh. No matter how much you want to see them, don’t ask them to meet. It will hurt you when you can’t call them all the sweet nicknames, when you can’t hold their hands, when you can’t tell them your feelings. Nothing good comes out from hanging out with your just-this-month ex, avoid it at all costs.
  4. I’M SORRY: Did you cheat on them? Or hurt them in some type of way? You should apologize if you are in this box. But if you’re the one who got hurt, cheated on, got lied to, please don’t apologize for being the victim. The more you say sorry, the more you’re hurting yourself in the end.
  5. I HATE YOU: Wait first, I know i said do not tell them you love them but you cannot tell them you hate them either. Let me explain, by telling your ex you hate them and how bad they treated you, you’re letting them know you still think about them and you still care. Don’t play yourself like that.
  6. LET’S BE FRIENDS: I know some of you are still friends with all of your EX and a breakup is not a reason to end the friendship. How you do it, I do not know because I personally think It’s just one of those impossible things. So if you can, please do so. But if you cannot, do not let them tension, blackmail, convince or trick you into being friends. It is not by force. There is no law that states you must so if your liver no carry am, leave am for where e end abeg.

I hope we have been of great help to you. Keep being strong, this too shall pass.


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