6 Weird Things People Eat in Nigeria. Number 4 Will Shock You!

In Nigeria, we love living the good life. And what is good life without good food!

A country rich with diverse culture, Nigeria has several delicacies that are peculiar to the different regions in the country. Some are pleasant to the eye and make you salivate while others are just not what I’d like to eat.

If you take a careful look at some of our cultures, you would see that Nigerians sometimes eat foods that are very weird. But you know what they say; “One man’ meat is another man’s poison”. Let’s take a look at the top 7 weirdest foods Nigerians Eat:

  1. Insects

Nigerian love their insects, believe me. I grew up seeing people eat those winged termites that gather around light bulbs after a downpour of rain, in fact, I ate my fair share of them in my day.

In some parts of the country, people eat locusts and cricket. I have even heard of some clans that eat grasshoppers too. No insect is safe I guess.

  1. Palm Tree Larvae (Sago Worm)

These worms are found in palm trees that are beginning to rot, and they are totally edible! They are usually consumed after being fried or roasted. They are a common delicacy in the southern part of the nation.

  1. Snakes

I remember one faithful day, when I was on my Industrial Training (I.T) program somewhere in Delta State, the men around found and killed a 7 foot constrictor. What happened next shocked me, they skinned the snake, chopped it in bits and started cooking it. Some went to get cold drinks while shouting “peppersoup don land”. This is a normal thing in many parts of the country. People here eat snakes.

As for that day, I found a way to escape. I wasn’t (and I’m still not) mentally prepared to eat a snake.

  1. Cow Brain

Normally, nobody asks what happen to the brains of the cows slaughtered for their meat, no one cares right? Wrong!

Some people do. There is a particular clan in Nigeria that use the brains of a cow to make their special stew.

Have I tried to eat it? Erhm..Never!

  1. Lizards and Frogs

Okay so maybe because it is now consumed in a lot of other places globally, I would not say anything about the Frogs. But the lizards? Who eats a lizard? Well there are some parts on Nigeria where they’d jump at the chance to make a lizard themed broth and totally enjoy eating it.

  1. Grasscutter Faeces

Some people use grasscutter droppings to make soup. Why? Apparently, the faeces make the food smell good and it is quite nutritious. Will I eat a soup prepared with grasscutter faeces? I don’t think so.


How about you? Would you be able to eat some of these things?


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