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6 Ways to Improve Communication in Your Relationship

Want your relationship to be better? Then you need to improve your communication skills.

6 Ways to Improve Communication in Your Relationship

Most of the problems in your relationship are simply as a  result of either lack of communication or miscommunication.  The silent treatment is never the answer as it only adds to the problem. Unless you or your partner are telepathic, you need words to communicate your thoughts, feelings and problems.

The good news is, communication is a skill and can be learned.

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  1. Be a good listener: Be very attentive to what your partner tells you which means that you do not listen to respond but listen to understand. This reassures them that they can talk to you about anything, and they’d be more comfortable and open with you. When they’re done, tell them how it made you feel.
  2. Be open: Even if you’re an introvert you need to be open in your relationship. You need to be able to share anything and everything with your partner and even though doing so would put you in a vulnerable position, your partner would feel trusted. They might even reciprocate which allows your relationship to grow.
  3. Be honest: Honesty is fundamental to building trust and being honest is as important as being open. You can’t expect your partner to be honest with you when you yourself are not being honest.
  4. Keep your temper, emotions, tone of voice and body language in check: How you say something has more importance than what you say. There is nothing wrong with having different points of view as long as you are not imposing them on one another. Keeping these things in check limits you from scaring your partner from speaking their mind out to you.
  5. Ask questions: It’s a good thing to ask something every now and then just to let them know that you are actually listening to them or concerned about them. Not only that, it’d even help you process what your partner is saying clearly. Ask questions only when you see necessary. But don’t give them the third degree.
  6. Have face-to-face conversations: Having face to face conversations avoids a lot of misunderstandings. It’s not always about what they’re saying but how they’re saying it. Communication over the phone or internet allows you to ignore, avoid or dodge certain matters or conversations and allows you to hide your reactions or body language. Face to face conversations also allows you to comfort them or encourage them to talk about something by holding their hand, hugging them or whatever is needed at that specific time.


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