6 Travel Mistakes to Definitely Avoid

6 Travel Mistakes to Definitely Avoid

Most times when you see a post on or about travel, it always talks about what to do when you travel. It’s all must-see attractions and things to do but what about all the things you shouldn’t do on.

There are plenty of mistakes that travellers make which leads to wasted money, lost time, and missed opportunities. It’s easy to read what to do when you travel, but what to avoid is more often than not avoided.

So today, I want to share some of the common travel mistakes you should avoid which will help you travel cheaper, smarter, and longer.

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  1. Do not book your trip too early: For your flight, wait about three to four months before your trip as airlines start to raise or lower prices at this time based on demand. If you are going on a cruise or tour, wait until the last minute because Companies offer amazing last-minute deals to fill unused spaces.
  2. Do not take taxis: Taxis are where budgets die and never come back because they are always overpriced. Skip them. The only time they are worth using is if you are splitting the fare among many people or need to get somewhere super late at night. Use public transportation as much as possible.
  3. Do not rule out hostels: Most people think hostels have smelly, unclean, bedbug-ridden facilities that are aimed at poor college students. Most hostels are cleaner than hotels and they offer a variety of amenities, from pool tables to movie rooms and laundry facilities, as well as organized tours, day trips, free Wi-Fi, and small private dorm rooms perfect for families and couples.
  4. Do not skip travel insurance: I know you think it is a ridiculous added expense, but travel is about the unknown, and you never know what can happen. Travel insurance is like protection for you when you are overseas.
  5. Do not exchange money at Airports: Never exchange cash at the airport unless you absolutely have to unless you’ll get the worst exchange rates if you do.  If you do need to exchange money, try to do so at a bank where you’ll get better rates and fewer fees.
  6. Do not eat near a tourist attraction: The food near any major attraction is going to be double the price and half the flavour of what you’ll find elsewhere. Also, avoid restaurants with glossy menus in multiple languages. If you aren’t comfortable walking into a random restaurant, you can use Google to find out what the locals are rating highly.


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