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6 Top Businesses That Were Started Out Of Anger

businesses started out of anger - Virgin Atlantic

Most successful businesses in the world were created to meet a need. After all the ultimate principle of business is demand and supply. Many CEOs and top businessmen out the have followed this principle to establish firms and take them to the pinnacle of corporate success. It is simple on paper really; identify/create the demand and then supply. However, not all businesses started this way.

Some of the most successful organizations you see out there today were created out of anger or just to get back at already existing companies. Here is a list of 6 companies that were started this way and have gone on to top the world.

  1. Netflix

This premier movie streaming platform is one of the most successful businesses created out of emotion. Netflix was created by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings with an original plan to be an eCommerce site. However, after Hastings was charged $40 for returning a rented movie late, he got angry and decided that he and Randolph should sell movies online instead. The plan for Netflix was changed and the rest is history.

  1. Virgin Atlantic


Popular airline carrier, Virgin Airways was also created out of anger. Like literally out of anger. Virgin’s owner, Richard Branson started the company after he got frustrated by American Airlines. He had booked a flight from Puerto Rico to the British Virgin Islands but the flight was cancelled for lack of enough passengers. Branson was so angered by the cancellation that he hired a plane, borrowed a blackboard and wrote “Virgin Airlines” on it. He then collected a charge from the other stranded players and flew them to the British Virgin Islands. And Virgin Airlines was born.

  1. The Gap Stores

The Gap is one of the most popular and largest clothing stores in the world. The store was started in 1969 by Donald Fisher and his wife. They opened the store after they got tired and frustrated because they couldn’t find clothes that properly fit them at other stores.

  1. Liverpool Football Club

liverpool's win

One of the most successful football clubs in England, Liverpool Football Club didn’t just start out for fun. In fact, it was founded out of annoyance. The great clubs founder, Tom Watson had bought a stadium for Everton FC. However, at the last minute, the blue Merseyside club pulled out of the deal, leaving Watson with a stadium but no club. Angered, Watson decided to start his own football club to get back at Everton and Liverpool was founded.

  1. Lamborghini

Luxury car maker, Lamborghini didn’t start out to meet the demand of anybody. Rather it was founded for revenge. Actually, the company was named Lamborghini Trattori and produced only tractors from leftover military parts. However, he was insulted by the founder of another Luxury car-manufacturing company, Enzo Ferrari, and this really annoyed him. It annoyed him so much that he decided to revenge by starting his own company. And today, Lamborghini’s are one of the biggest competitors to Ferrari.

  1. Adidas/Puma

These two giant companies were founded by brothers, Adolf and Rudolph Dassler. The brothers had stated out together at first with a shoe-making company called Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik in 1924. But in 1948, they disagreed and parted ways. Only for each brother to start his own company. One started Adidas and the other Puma. Talk about an inspired fight.


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