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6 Tips on How to Find Your Personal Style

Having trouble finding your personal style? You should read this.

6 Tips on How to Find Your Personal Style

Everyone has certain pieces that instantly jump out and inspire them to step out. Those clothing items are what builds our style and turn an outfit from just being an outfit to being a representation of who we are. These are simple and easy tips to help you find your unique personal style.

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  • Listen to Your Gut Reaction: Discovering your personal style is really about listening to what inspires you. When you put on the pieces that give you a certain feel-good reaction, that instantly puts a bit more pep in your step and confidence that takes you through the day, that is your style zone or happy place.
  • Make those Trends and Styles Work for YOU: The thing about all styles, trends, genres, and pieces is that you need to fit them in a way that works for your body type and your life.  If you love something, make it work and get creative. Make sure to look at it from different angles.
  • Look for Inspiration, and then Document It: Inspiration is all around us and we can even get it on the go with ease via our mobile phones. You can create style boards on Pinterest, follow Instagram accounts that amaze you and even keep pictures of your own looks that left you feeling fabulous.
  • Embrace Your Style Journey: Fashion and personal style is always a journey. There are always going to be major hits, misses and maybes. The point is to just have fun and learn to enjoy simply expressing yourself through your clothes.
  • Shop Smarter, and Seek Quality over Quantity: If you’re are someone who tends to find a ton she loves, and over-stuffs her closet then chances are you have trouble sharpening in on what your ideal style is. Instead of doing this, invest in pieces that really inspire you but shop less often.
  • Confidence Completes A Look: Nothing makes a person look better in a trend, style, or outfit than having confidence. Confidence is key to really expressing your look in an authentic way. You should have the confidence to walk down the street with your head held high, give yourself a quick check out in the windows as you pass, stand out and be able to rock.


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