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6 Tips On How Stylish Men Does Their Things

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6 Tips On How Stylish Men Does Their Things

Have you ever thought why some guys always look so put together and super stylish? Ever wonder what your most stylish friend is always looking fresh and well put together?

From simple outfit combinations to tips for staying organized, I can answer a few of those questions with this post. So call your homies and get settled, I’m about to tell 8 things your stylish friends usually do(sometimes in secret).

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  1. They do not dress to impress you: You might have already known this or you might not have. Either way, be reminded that your guys do not dress to impress you. They might dress up to impress the ladies if they feel like but mostly, they dress to express their individualism.
  2. They wear favorite combinations again and again: I know it does not look like it and you are really trying to remember if you have ever seen that your stylish friend with the same combo twice. Trust me, he has. The trick is knowing where to tweak and the particular clothing to tweak it.
  3. They plan the outfits beforehand: Unlike you who wakes up and picks the first thing that your eyes fall on in your closet, Stylish men plan their outfits a night before. Some of them even go as far as preparing it a week in advance.
  4. They have the perfect shirt: You know how you have a last minute event and you are looking for the shirt that is just right? Stylish men do not have that problem. You know why? There is a set-aside Shirt that is solely designated for those kinds of things.
  5. They take care of their shoes: Yup. No matter how much it cost, a stylish man takes care of his shoes religiously. They do not leave it lying fallow or allowing it to remain dirty. Scuffed shoes are not something they fancy.
  6. They take extra time in dressing: Especially before heading out the door in the morning, a stylish man takes the extra time to put his looks together. Even if he has to leave home by 5 am, a stylish man will look on top of his by the time you get a good look at him by 8 am.

Men who care enough about their look actually do many of these things but they do it secretly. You should try some of them and see the switch from your present look to a classy one.

You are welcome.


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