6 Times Germany has proven to be the World Power

In the subject of countries that have proven to world power, so many people mention: America, Russia, England etc but forget the red, black and Gold of Germany. Germany is located in Western and Central Europe, sharing borders I’m Denmark in the north, Czech and Poland in the east, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Austria in the south. Over the years Germany as shown the world that she is a force to be reckoned with, but only a few people are aware of it.

Before I get started, let me remind you that whenever you buy a product and it carries the label ” Made in Germany” have it mind you got a product of the highest quality. In recent times, the country with the black, red and gold flag as firmly hold the position as the brightest and biggest star in the entire European sky.


Without wasting much time, Here are six times Germany has proven to the world power:

1. Crushing Almighty Brazil
When FIFA announced Brazil will be the host of the 2014 world cup, almost every football fans have given the cup to Brazil before the first kick of the tournament. The Samba boys pass through the group stages, the round of 16, Quarterfinals, the entire world felt it was B time to lift the coveted cup. When they lock horns with Germany at the Semi-final, many saw them as the favorite but after the final whistle, the world was gobsmacked with the result 7-1 in favor of Germany.

Germany later went on to win the cup.

2. Launching the First Magazine
In 1663, Germany produced the first ever magazine titled Erbauliche Months Unterredungen.

The magazine was not like the glossy ones we have today but as philosophy and literary magazine but it paved the way for the glossy ones you flick through today.

3. Television Station
What would be our world today if there were no television stations? No MTVBase, CNN, Nickelodeon etc. Ugh! It would have been terrible.

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#PaulGottliebNipkow #PaulGottliebNipkowSeria #PaulNipkow #Nipkow #PaulNipkowSeria in about 1884 #NipkowSeria #EngineerSeria #GermayEngineerSeria Born #22AugustSeria #22August1860seria #22AugustBornsSeria #1860BornsSeria #AugustBornsSeria August 22, 1860 #LauenburgBornsSeria , Prussia (today Poland) Died #24AugustSeria #24August1940seria #24AugustDiedsSeria #1940diedsSeria #AugustDiedsSeria August 24, 1940 (aged 80) #BerlinDiedsSeria , #GermanyDiedsSeria Nationalite German Engineering career Projects #NipkowDisk Significant advance television #PaulJuliusGottliebNipkow (22 August 1860 – 24 August 1940) was a German technician and inventor. He invented the Nipkow disk, one of the first successful technologies for television transmission. Hundreds of stations experimented with television broadcasting using the Nipkow system in the 1920s and 1930s, until it was superseded by all-electronic systems in the 1940s. First TV systems The first television broadcasts used an optical-mechanical picture scanning method, the method that Nipkow had helped create with his disk; he could claim some credit for the invention. Nipkow recounted his first sight of television at a Berlin radio show in 1928: "the televisions stood in dark cells. Hundreds stood and waited patiently for the moment at which they would see television for the first time. I waited among them, growing ever more nervous. Now for the first time I would see what I had devised 45 years ago. Finally I reached the front row; a dark cloth was pushed to the side, and I saw before me a flickering image, not easy to discern." The system demonstrated was from John Logie Baird's Baird Television Company. From 1936, when the infant BBC Television Service chose it above Baird's mechanical system, total electronic picture scanning, based on the work of Manfred von Ardenne and the iconoscope invented by Vladimir Zworykin, became increasingly prevalent and Nipkow's invention was no longer essential to further development of television. #21November2016seria #21NovemberSeria #2016NovemberSeria #2016MondaySeria #MondayNovemberSeria #MondaySeria

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The television stations we have today was birthed in Germany by Paul Nipkow, a German University student in 1884.

4. Keeping Animals Safe
Many animals are going extinct as a result of poaching and pollution by men. Top nations around the world have been building zoos to protect these animals for poachers and hazardous chemicals.

Germany too as done considerable well in addressing this issue by building zoos all across the country and it’s second on the list of countries with the highest amount of Zoo, 309 in total.

5. Best Manufacturers of Cars

From BMW, Audi, Mercedes – Benz Porsche and Volkswagen, Germans make the best cars we drive in the world today.

6. Moon landing
OK, Everybody recognizes America as the first country to land humans on the moon (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin) during the Apollo 11 mission on the 20th of July 1969.

But all that wouldn’t have been possible if not for the pioneering of rocket technology by Germany.


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