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6 Things You Must Do While You are Still Single

Here are 6 things that you must cross off your TO DO List while you are still single.

Here are some personality traits that all classy women maintain and if you want to join this team, you should too

Dear Single Person, this post is for you. Let me tell you something that you might already know but you sometimes forget, Singlehood is not of suffering or loneliness. In fact, you should celebrate and explore it because as I hear, being married is work and more work.

Please if you are married, new or old, this post is not for you. Na only single pipu we dey find for this area. So, single people, let us dig in.

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  1. Live alone: Living alone is hard but the upside is you get to know yourself in an extreme, intense, and deeply satisfying way. It teaches you to live happily in silence. It provides quiet to think. It allows you to become self-reliant. It provides you with a great deal of confidence in your ability to survive.
  2. Fly to a foreign country by yourself: You learn so much about who you are, how you handle foreign currency, foreign accents, and foreign chaos, foreign anything. Knowing that you can deal with the chaos that comes with visiting another country on your own is a good thing.
  3. Spend a weekend with a married couple your age: This is not to go and put your eye in what did not concern you but to learn. For you to listen to how they speak to one another. See the rhythms of their daily life. Just make a mental note that marriage is not perfect, nor is it the solution to anything.
  4.  Take a long trip with your best friend: Plan a trip with your bestie(s). Spend that money on yourself Aunty, you will not take it with you when you die. You can stay at hotels, take selfies, cool by the beaches.
  5. Be a good support system: It will not always about you. Sometimes your friends need your full support in the pursuit of their own risk and romance. Working at being a good support system now will definitely help you when you eventually find the right person.
  6. Quit that unimpressive job if you have to: One good thing about being single is you can take a job that is not working for you and shove it and it will not be affecting anyone else’s peace of mind. So if the job isn’t right for you, get out of there. Don’t waste another minute forcing yourself to go to a job you hate every morning, only to do it over and over again. It is your life we’re talking about, take a hold of it.


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