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6 Things You Should Never Do While Watching a Movie at The Cinema


Many think going to the movies is just all about showing up there with friends and seeing the movie, no! There are actually some dos and don’t’s of seeing a movie.

Here are 7 things you should never do while seeing a movie at the cinemas.

1. Not watch the movie

Some people decide on a cinema date with friends and get all hyped up until they eventually get there. Instead of watching the movie, hey stay engrossed texting and on social media instead of actually seeing the movie that brought them out. Not cool!.

2. Keep a straight face during the Funny Parts

No one is asking that everyone have the same sense of humor but come one now, it will be awkward if you are seeing a comedy movie with either your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend and maintain a straight face even with such genre of movie.

3. Pace your bare feet up on the seat in front of you.

Weirdly many people are culprits here as they just enjoy doing this. Some of us have however been unfortunate to see bare feet not well maintained while in some cases watching a horror movie. No one wants to see that, keep your feet off the seats bruv!

4. Talk the entire time

You go to the movies to watch this very important movie and the next thing, you see someone talking in a room that is suppose to only bear the voices of the characters on the screen. These type of people are just downright annoying. You see some explaining why jokes are funny* or telling their partner what other movies the actors o the screen has been in.

5. Laugh so much that everyone become uncomfortable

I mean like we said earlier, we all have a different sense of humor, but again if you have to laugh, can it be controlled and not come out like a hyena is somewhere in the cinema. Come on now, you are watching a drama, not a comedy.

6. Finish an entire bucket of popcorn

Yes we know, popcorn and soda come with the movie, yeah we are aware. However, how about you watch what goes into your mouth and body and steer clearing devouring a full bucket of popcorn. I mean its fine to use that day as your cheat day, but again, its cheat DAY, not cheat. So no, you should not finish an entire bucket of popcorn while at the movies.


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