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6 Simple Tips for Saving Money

6 Simple Tips for Saving Money

Effectively saving money to invest or buy stuff later can be a chore. Knowing how to minimize expenses while maximizing accumulation of money is a desire of the masses. These tips when followed religiously will give you an edge over the masses.

Here are 6 simple tips for saving money:


When you shop, look for items that can be reused. Rechargeable batteries are a perfect example. Even though the initial purchase may be more than non-rechargeable batteries, there is a definite savings over a long period.

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This can not be overemphasized. Everyone should create a budget. If you are not sure how or just not good with money, seek good literature or advice from people who do. Knowing where you are spending your money is by far the best way to save. In most cases, people have no idea where their money is really going and when they see it on paper, not only are they surprised but eager to change their spending habits.

Purchase in Bulk

It is true that warehouse shopping can save a lot of money. Even if you have a small family, you can always split large quantities. The price of items in bulk is generally a great bargain. If you are single, you might go in with friends or family on bulk items.

Give Yourself an Allowance

Do not forget to give yourself an allowance for the little things you enjoy. Even if on a tight budget, buy something that you enjoy, which could be as simple as buying a new shirt or grabbing lunch at your favorite café. If you do not allow yourself these small things, you could find yourself in the same position as if dieting. Total deprivation leads to overindulgence.

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Be Flexible 

Once you’ve set your goal on saving, realize that things can and will change. The secret is learning ways to be flexible. If you normally save 10,000 NGN a month, when something unexpected happens, you may only be able to save 1,000 NGN that month. This is fine as long as you focus on getting back on track.

Avoid Temptations

If you have a particular weakness, stay away from it. If you love to gamble, stay out of reach of places that welcomes gamblers. If you have a weakness for clothes, drive or go past your favorite boutique. Though avoiding temptation is hard, it is also necessary in order to save money. When you want to give into your temptation, this is the time to use your allowance.


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