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6 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand

With almost 200 countries to choose from, here are 6 reasons why you should decide on Thailand.

6 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand

I know you are wondering why you should choose Thailand out of all the travel destinations available to you. Here are 6 reasons why you should visit the country at least once in your life.

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  1. The Capital: Bangkok is hands down one of the main reasons to visit the country. There are over eight million people resident in the city, many of whom are expatriates. Bangkok is often the first stop for most travelers before heading to Southeast Asia. The capital is definitely crowded and can be overwhelming, leaving many travelers less than impressed but those who get dig deeper, however, will find Bangkok is a city full of surprises, with seemingly every top thing to see and do available.
  2. Rich history and culture: Even though many cities in Thailand continue to be modernized with things like urban decor, tourists and visitors will still see bits and pieces of Thailand’s interesting and ancient culture somehow intertwined. Some cities like Sukhothai hold are still home to many ancient ruins dating back to the Siamese Kingdom in 1238.
  3. The Festivals: Thais cannot go too long before they celebrate one festival or another.but one aspect remains true. The festivals are incredibly interesting to partake in. Many travelers go as far as to plan entire holidays around these festivals. A perfect example of this would be Songkran, a festival in which a nationwide water fight takes place. Yes, you heard it, a water fight.
  4. The Adventure: Thailand has a unique terrain that allows visitors to the Kingdom a number of different adventurous excursions during their stay. From Elephant sanctuaries to the country’s many rivers, there are also trails to be trekked, waves to be surfed, jungles to be zip-lined through, and many more in Thailand.
  5. The Temples: There are over 40,000 Buddhist temples found across Thailand. These structures date back to all of the different dynasties, each one reflecting that era’s architectural and construction style. Each province is bound to have at least one of these majestic wonders, though the most unique and abundant are found in the capital.
  6. The Food: How can we talk about travel, culture and not mention food. Whether visitors to Thailand are staying for one day or one month, Thai food is delicious and diverse that visitors should never have to eat the same dish twice as long as they are in the country. You will even find out that the cuisine changes as your location does, keeping food options interesting as you go from one city to the next.


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