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7 Nigerian Artistes That Have Promoted Fraud in Their Songs

6 Nigerian Artistes That Have Promoted Fraud in Their Songs

The internet has been on heat for days now following a post by Nigerian singer Naira Marley who said Yahoo Yahoo is not a crime.

It is no longer news that Internet fraud popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ has found a home in Nigeria as this illegal job is a favorite amongst many Nigerian youths and teenagers. This illegal act is so popular that even some Nigerian artistes have taken it upon themselves to sing about it in some of their records, promoting the fraudulent act.

Here are 7 Nigerian artistes that have promoted internet fraud in their songs.

Olu Maintain

Olu Maintain’s ‘Yahoozey’ is one song that promoted this fraudulent act. From the title, lyrics down to the video, Yahoo Yahoo was proudly depicted. Olu has since come out to deny that his song is about the fraudulent act despite the line ‘If I hammer’ which is a slang used by Yahoo boys. In an interview last year, he said;

When you create a body of art, people can misinterpret it the way they see fit. I mean, Yahooze is 11 years old and if you watch the video of the song, it was centered around an upcoming artiste that got a million dollar record deal. That was the message I presented with the song. Does the music video in any way represent Internet fraud? The answer is no.

“I cannot be responsible for how people interpret a work of art. It is like a painting, a man would value a painting for millions of dollars but to the other man, it does not make sense. Art should be subjected to everyone’s interpretation. My interpretation of that form of art was made very obvious,” he said.


6 Nigerian Artistes That Have Promoted Fraud in Their Songs

Veteran act 9ice became a hot topic when he released his song ‘Living Things’ which went on to promote Yahoo Yahoo, something he never denied it. The singer was called out by rapper Falz who slammed the act for doing such saying someone of his caliber should not be promoting such.

In an interview with Hip TV, Falz said;

‘You are an entertainer, you are in a position as a role model to younger ones coming up, but in your music you are greeting all the yahoo boys.

‘All these culture, you are making the young ones think it is good to do it (fraud)

‘You are destroying our future’.

Kelly Hansome

Kelly Handsome, who was formerly signed to Kennis Music is another act who promoted internet fraud with his music. Hansome released the song ‘Hallelujah’ a few years ago where he talked about online scam despite having denied claims he was promoting it. The chorus of the song saw Hansome singing ‘Maga don pay’, Maga, a Yahoo yahoo term used by the perpetrators for their victims.

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Olamide: 10 Must-Know Things About The YBNL Boss

Rapper Olamide is one known for his constant need to promote societal vices with his records. From his hit single, ‘Science Student’ which saw him promoting drug abuse, something he has since come out to deny down to the name of his label ‘YBNL’ which is an acronym for ‘Yahoo Boy No Laptop,’ Olamide has remained an act who sees no problem with the promotion of societal vices. Olamide again released a song with his former signee Lil Kesh, titled  ‘Logo Benz’ which saw the rappers promoting Internet Fraud and Ritual killing.  ‘If money no enter I go do ritual’ is a line in the song that got many talking.

Lil Kesh


His song featuring  Olamide ‘Logo Benz’ was not only promoting internet fraud but money ritual as well.


This budding young act joined then some of his counterparts in the music industry to promote online fraud with his song ‘Elegushi Spender.’ The song as expected was a hit amongst many on the street.


6 Nigerian Artistes That Have Promoted Fraud in Their Songs

Juniorboy employed the help of veteran act 9ice for this song which was in fact meant to be about redemption but instead, hailed internet fraudsters. He went as far as having some of them appear in the video.


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