6 Most Mind-Blowing 3D Paintings In The World

Art has always been a mystery to me. Especially the abstract type of art. But there is so much beauty in art that you can’t help but admire the skill it takes to create some of these mind-blowing pieces. Nigeria is a country blessed in the arts. From out Nok sculptures and pottery in the North to the beautiful bronze casts in the south, there has been no shortage of art expression in our country. However, one aspect of art we haven’t really seen being explored in Nigeria is the art of 3D paintings.

3D paintings appear so real that it tends to deceive a lot of people. Although I haven’t come across one in person, the sheer beauty and attractiveness of the ones I see online are enough to keep me awed. And in all I have seen, here are my top 6 artists and their paintings:

  1. Rhythms Of Youth – Yang Yongchun

Photo Credit: chinadaily

This art is the longest 3D street painting in the world. It was done by famous Chinese artist, Yang Yongchun and it is found in Nanjing, China.

  1. Waterfall in the Street – Manfred Stader

Manfred is a brilliant artist that started as far back as in the 1980s. this is one of his many surreal pieces.

  1. Great Britain – Joe Hill and Max Lowry

Joe and Max are excellent British 3D artists and they showcased this work in Shanghai as part of Britain’s ‘GREAT’ tourism campaign. What you see here was formerly just a wall and floor. While the one below they did for HBO Studios in London.

Photo by Joe Pepler/REX (3574601c)
  1. Jungle in the Street – Tracy Lee Stum

Tracy is a wonderfully gifted chalk artist. She once held the world record of individual with the largest chalk drawing in the world. This is one of her exquisite pieces.

  1. Edgar Mueller – Anamorphic Street Art

When Edgar was questioned about the effect he wants his street paintings to have on people, he said: “Beside the personal messages, questions and sometimes answers in my paintings I’m questioning experienced daily perception of people by changing the appearance of public places.”

  1. Marchal Mithouard

Mithouard is a French artist popularly known as ‘Shaka’. He uses his amazing 3D street art and paintings to showcase expression and movement in human behavior.


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