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6 Most Infamous Cristiano Ronaldo Controversies

6 Most Infamous Cristiano Ronaldo Controversies

Being a superstar in the athletics world, his life is supposed to be filled with controversies. CR7 has as many haters as fans in his life and this is why rumors, hatred, etc. are common for him. Celebs are treated as entertainment and each and every event in their personal life is a leading story on the highest selling newspaper/magazines. Here we bring you the best and the selected Cristiano Ronaldo Controversies. Enjoy!

6. Mysterious “Biological Mother” of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

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The world went crazy when they got to know that Cristiano Ronaldo got into a one night stand some time ago and has knocked up a 20 years old girl. She claimed to be the mother of CR7’s child and demanded £10million in order to give away this child. She has been known to call the athlete repeatedly and cry over the phone begging him to accept the child and the truth.

Furthermore, she also dropped out of college after giving her baby up for the said amount of money and wanted the child back. Friends and relatives of her claimed that she remained depressed severely after giving the baby up and regretted the decision very much. After much pleading, the actor is said to reply to her by offering the child in exchange for some money back.

5. Accused of Drinking Heavily in a Nightclub in July 2008

Most Infamous Cristiano Ronaldo Controversies

Everybody was surprised when the news of Cristiano’s heavy drinking came about. Everyone in the entire sports world has the knowledge that one of the greatest footballers, CR7, doesn’t drink or smoke because his father died due to drinking. He has a good and clean image about this in the news world and has maintained it since eternity. This news caused one of the biggest Cristiano Ronaldo Controversies among the fans as well as other people.

However, this news turned out to be fake and The Daily Mirror was compelled to give monetary compensation along with a letter of apology regarding the news article.
Ronaldo was eventually devastated to hear such rumors about him but later figured out that nothing can beat him if it is not the truth.

4. Arrested on Suspicion of Raping a Woman in October 2005

Next up on Cristiano Ronaldo Controversies is the rape accusation. In October 2005, Ronaldo was arrested on an accusation of raping a woman. She claimed she was raped in a hotel in central London three weeks before the arrest. Furthermore, she claimed that the football player met her and a friend at a nightclub before going to the hotel room.

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Obviously, Ronaldo did not accept having such an affair. And with little and not enough evidence to charge him with this crime, the allegations were dropped. A parallel investigation showed similar sexual charges against other footballers as well. So as we can nearly conclude, this might have been a scam as well.

3. $8 Million Donation in Nepal Earthquake (Fake News)

The whole world rejoiced when Ronaldo was reported by a French magazine to have donated 8 million dollars to the earthquake victims in Nepal. However, little did they know that this news is not true? He did tweet and support the Nepal victims by encouraging the charity ‘Save the Children’ and asking his fans to donate whatever they can to their trust fund.

Some news reports say that he donated 5 million dollars, but that was not the case whatsoever. His support and awareness were appreciated but he did never actually make a monetary donation leaving the whole story as a fake one.

2. Controversial Comment on The Relationship with MSN

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This was one of the biggest Cristiano Ronaldo Controversies. This athlete apparently likes to fly solo. According to reports, he admitted that he is not jealous of the friendship or the chemistry between the MSN trio but also prefers to be alone. He said that the players have a good time with each other and have good bonding… but that doesn’t mean that he has any less of friends. He likes to have it his own style.

The athlete is said to be an introvert with not many ‘friends’ in the team but also respects the other players to the fullest. He admitted that his only goal is to play well and remain a good player until the end. He doesn’t care for friendships or bondings, according to reports.

1. Questioning The Standard of His Real Madrid Teammates on 27th February 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo blames his teammates

There is a time in everyone’s life where he/ she questions his surroundings and the people they deal with. This moment was that time for CR7. This world-famous Athlete quoted “If the whole team was in my level, we’d be first’’. Now, this is a bit rude and hurtful to other team member and that’s why the controversy took place.

He also blamed it on the injuries that the players got during the games.


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