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6 Most Expensive Mansion of Sports Stars

6 Most Expensive Mansion of Sports Stars

Buying cars to build a huge collection or buying lavish luxury mansions, sports stars are always a top buyer all around the world. As we know, popular athletes are also super-rich and never hesitate to spend money like anything to satisfy their super lifestyle. They are always fond of huge properties to construct their dream home whenever they want to.

To let you know more about the king-sized lifestyle of the sports star, we are up with the list of Expensive Mansion of Sports Stars.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods House

One of the greatest golfers, Woods, never stepped back while spending money. After his high-profile divorce in 2011 which is rumored to have cost Woods $100 million, Tiger Woods purchased the Jupiter Island Florida mansion. The property comes impressive with its huge ocean-view windows along with a four-hole 3.5-acre golf course. Property-side luxuries like running track and massive wine cellar are also there.

A Daily Mail article reported a sinkhole in the dining room due to the place being structurally unsound. Regardless, this home is one of the costliest properties around the world as a recent Daily Mail article pegs the homes current value at $60 million. Scores of tall trees and high boundary walls surround the plot, ensuring the privacy this legend golfer craves.

David Beckham

David Beckham House

In October 2015, one of the greatest footballers of all time David Beckham and Victoria Beckham reportedly sold their 12-acre Hertfordshire estate for £12 million and started to construct a new “Beckingham Palace” in Kensington & Chelsea. The reported £30 million they paid for it, plus the £5million set aside for renovation. The current price of this property would be a value of US$57.1 million. The home is beautiful while it is largely unaltered for the last 150 years. The 9,000 square-foot home has seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and even a panic room.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan House

One of the greatest NBA stars, Jordan, never thinks twice when it comes to property as he took over a huge mansion in Chicago, Illinois. It comes with all the best accouterments, including a pool with a grass island in the middle, a door from the Playboy Mansion, a table designed to evoke the streets of Baghdad, and MJ-branded golf flags. It also equipped with 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a 3-bedroom guesthouse, 3 garages, a pool, tennis court, and an entire lake.

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This property also has a cigar room and a garage big enough to hold 14 cars along with a huge home gym. The estimated value of this property is around $29 Million.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady House

Located in the elite Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, Brady and his model wife Gisele Bündchen celebrate a year in their new home. This estate comes with eight bedrooms, a six-car garage, a lagoon-shaped swimming pool with a spa, and a weight room where Brady can train. In this massive 22,000 square-foot property the home’s walls are a blend of three types of Texas limestone with a whopping price tag of $27.2 Million.

His girlfriend Bündchen, who is a global ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program, wanted to make sure that, despite the size of the home, it is environmentally friendly, and the roof is lined with solar panels. The Brady-Bündchen pair reportedly also has a new mansion in Brookline, Chestnut Hill neighborhood, near where the Pats play, but it’s still under construction.

Anna Kournikova

Most Expensive Mansion of Sports Stars

20,000 square feet of paradise on the water, that’s where Anna Kournikova and her long-time musician boyfriend Enrique Iglesias live together off Biscayne Bay in the exclusive Bay Point Miami neighborhood. Fellow “Millionaires Row” neighbors include Cher, Lil Wayne, Ricky Martin, Matt Damon, Billy Joel, Rosie O’Donnell, and Gloria Estefan. The two bought the place recently, which comes with sweeping bay views, lush greenery, a long dock for their yacht. That property also has a lap pool, a Jacuzzi and a dock for speedboats.

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Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney House

The wealthy Manchester United striker, who also owns a £5 million house in Barbados and an apartment in Florida, currently lives in his Prestbury palace with his wife Coleen Rooney and his baby boy Kai. The English superstar has also achieved quite a lot in his private life. He recently bought a mega-mansion in Cheshire which is not far from teammates like Van Persie, Rio Ferdinand’s home. This huge property costs an estimated $17.83 million; Rooney spent about $1.57 million alone on preparing the build-site.

He now definitely has the most expensive mansion of sports stars. And, inside Wayne Rooney’s house lies a cinema, conservatory, sports stadium and statues. Its bathrooms are decorated with gold-plated taps and lavatory seats. A large games room also adds to the value of the mansion, with video games, pinball machines, a 1950s style jukebox, and golf simulator completing it.

Which one is your favorite mansion in the list of Expensive Mansion of Sports Stars, do let us know in the comments section below.


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