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6 More Surprising Benefits Of Chocolate We Are Sure You Haven’t Heard About

6 More Surprising Benefits Of Chocolate We Are Sure You Haven't Heard About

Chocolate lovers! If you’ve been looking for excuses to indulge, we’ve found eight more reasons why chocolate is good for you. So next time you feel a craving for chocolate, do not resist. And remember the darker the better.

Here 6 more health benefits of chocolate below.

It May Help Reduce Your Food Cravings

We’ve all had those times when we felt like we wouldn’t function unless we had a snack. Interestingly, chocolate is one of the healthiest known snacks and can fill you up quicker than most snacks. It will also reduce your cravings for salty and sweet snacks according to a small research study.

It Protects Your Skin From The Sun 

The flavanols contained in chocolate help your skin in three major ways: they protects your skin against damage from the sun, improve blood flow  to the skin and promotes skin density and hydration. One study found that women who ate chocolate with a high flavanol content had denser skins which were able to withstand harmful UV light from the sun compared to those that did not.

It Can Help With Poor Eyesight 

Since dark chocolates help promote blood circulation, researchers tried to see if it could improve vision. And their results were amazing! They gave two groups of volunteers dark and whit chocolate. The ones who ate the dark chocolate started doing better on vision tests afterwards.

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It Can Help You Exercise Better 

Studies have also shown that the flavanols in chocolate can boost the results from a person’s exercise. However, researchers warn that you should limit the amount of chocolate to only about half of one square per day to see the best results. If you take more than this, it may undo the beneficial effects.

It Could Help With Pregnancy 

Dark chocolate can also help reduce pregnancy complications! One of such complications is Preeclampsia in which blood pressure increases to an alarming rate. Studies suggest that one of the chemicals in chocolate help prevent this complication. In the study, pregnant women who ate higher doses of chocolate had a 40% less chance of develop this complication.

It May Help Lower Your Risk Of Getting Cancer 

Dark chocolate contains has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are effective at reducing free radicals. These free radicals are the major culprits that contribute to cancer. So, you may just be reducing your chances of getting cancer bu eating dark chocolates!

Which of the benefits surprised you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.


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