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6 Important Things To Note in Your Partner

These are important things to take note of in your partner.

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Falling in love with someone is a wondrous feeling. It is journeying to find a partner you truly can be yourself with. A person who is truly yours. And when you do as your emotions continue to grow deeper for one another, which is the goal.

But have you noted the important things?

Read this to know the important things to note in your partner.

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  1. Does your partner display empathy for others?You know there are basics that you should know about your Significant Others like how your partner interacts and communicates with others around them because it will eventually be the same way that they interact with you. Observe how they treat the staff, how they handle arguments with strangers, and their regular interactions will give you a lot of insight into them as an individual.

    Ask yourself, is my partner kind? Do they try to help others?

  2. How does he or she handle stress or something really frustrating?To answer this question, it means you must have observed your partner in every season, situation, and scenario.

    Staying with them for long, you’ll see how they handle life when things are going well and when things may not be going so well. Watching them and seeing if they have a healthy outlet for their frustration will show you distinct signs of someone’s personality.

  3. How is his relationship with his family?Your In-laws will become an extension of your family if you end up marrying. Be sure you are observant and well aware of your partner’s family dynamics.

    Is your partner a family person? Are they particularly close to them? Do you enjoy spending time with your partner’s family or is it a chore? Each family has its own quirks, but observe, and determine if their family is one that is a good fit for you.

  4. What is your partner passionate about and is it something you can support in the long-term?We all have different passions and being in a relationship should not reduce or diminish it but, the key is to ask yourself are you okay with their business endeavour to the point that you know it would not impact your relationship negatively? If you aren’t good with something that is important to your partner, it will show forth and that comes with its own complications.
  5. What are his or her spiritual beliefs?Religion matters and it can be a part of someone’s everyday life. Understanding your partner’s expectations, core beliefs, and how they exercise their spirituality will help you both get off to a good start. It will also help if they know yours.
  6. When your disagreements become heated, how is it handled?No matter how much you love your partner, you will have disagreements. You won’t agree on everything but, the more significant issue will be how you deal with your disagreements, especially when they become heated. Physical aggressiveness is unacceptable and putting your partner down and saying things to lower their self-esteem or make them feel bad about themselves is a NO-NO. Healthy disagreements should never be about these things.


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