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6 Important Roles That Partners Should Play in a Relationship

Wondering what role you should be playing in your relationship? Then you should read this

6 Important Roles That Partners Should Play in a Relationship

Anybody who goes into a Relationship thinking its a walk in the park is not ready for real life and I’m serious.

Relationships take a lot of hard work from both sides and both parties. Which is why I bring to you some of the most important roles the two of you need to play in your relationship regardless of how much effort they require. Are you ready?

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  1. Each other’s equal: I know that the men reading this are already thinking about how they are the head and the woman is a tail. Oga, for the sake of the 21st century, throw that thought in the nearest bin. Nobody is head, neck or leg. You both need to be each other’s equal. Relationships are about giving each other the same respect and love, to have the same expectations from one another, to not look down upon one another. Taking an equal part in each other’s lives.
  2. Each other’s teacher: Relationships are all about learning from one another. You teach each other important life lessons, about love, people, temperaments, patience etc. Some lessons can’t be learned from textbooks. You will learn how to be equal with people and be humble to everyone when you learn to teach each other.
  3. Each other’s confidant: Being in a relationship means you will share your secrets with each other, your past and your dirty little codes.  You will not think twice before telling your partner something that you wouldn’t even think of telling anyone. That’s where the trust comes from.
  4. Each other’s counselor: An important role that you should play in your relationship is one of a counselor. You should be willing to listen to your partner. Listen to their problems, listen to their happy moments because they’ll share everything with you. They’ll come to you for advice.
  5. Each other’s Guardians: When we are in love with someone, we can’t bear to see them in pain and we tend to want to keep them safe. We can’t see them cry, we can’t see them sad. And when someone tries hurting them, we stop them with all of our might.
  6. Each other’s best friend: Many couples forget this; to be in love is to be each other’s best friend. To be able to sit with each other, listen, joke around and hang out with each other as best friends do. You can both do or say anything in front of each other without the fear of being judged. This is how relationships get simple and become long-lasting and fun.


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