6 Greatest Sports Legends Still Active

Regardless of where we are or whatever is happening in the country (election matters), one thing that unifies people worldwide is sports.

From football to tennis, boxing to athletics, the games have always been a source of unification for a lot of people. There have even been instances in the past where sports were used to settle issues between countries.

And sometimes while doing so, a few sports legends have emerged, people that even bind us together more with their stunning abilities. Over the years, we have been blessed with several sports legends, albeit with many now retired. However we still have a few who are still very much active and captivating us with their mesmerizing abilities. Here is a list of my top 6 greatest Sports Legends that are still active.

  1. Lionel Messi

Well, I’m crazy about football so let me start from there. This man, Lionel Messi is nothing but a living god of football. The Argentine forward has proven to be one of the greatest – if not the greatest – players to have ever played the game. He has broken several records and set several of his own records, with only a major success with his national team eluding him.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Naturally, you should know that this would be the next name on the list. This amazing Portuguese talisman is definitely a “Superman”. With a jaw dropping fitness level and ability to produce something out of nothing, Cristiano Ronaldo has literally won everything. And at 34, he is still breaking records and bursting nets! Amazing!

  1. Lewis Hamilton

Moving on from football, Lewis Hamilton is the number one man in Formula One racing. This 34 year old Briton is widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers ever in the history of the sport. He holds the record of the all-time most career points and the most grand slam wins in one season. With 5 F1 World Championships already to his name, he is well on course to break the all-time record of 7 titles.

  1. Roger Federer

Swiss professional tennis player, Roger Federer easily makes this list. The former world number 1 tennis player is one of the greatest players to ever hold a racket. He has shown that with his numerous records set, as well as the fact that he is the only player in history to have won 20 Grand Slam titles.

  1. Simone Biles

At the very young age of 21, Simone Biles is already being regarded as the greatest gymnast of all time. And for good reason too. She is the only female gymnast with 4 world all-around titles, the most decorated female gymnast of all-time at the world championships (20 medals) and the only gymnast with the most gold medals (14) for both male and female.

  1. LeBron James

Widely regarded by many as the best basketball player in the world, LeBron James is no doubt a sports legend. The 34 year old holds so many records, it’d take while for me to type them all. He has 2 Olympic gold medals, 4 NBA MVP awards and 3 NBA Championship rings to his name.

So, did I miss anyone?



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